A Fun Way to Get In Shape

My wife joined a local gym. I didn’t. She is already in pretty good shape. I, on the other hand, am in terrible shape. I work sitting in front of a computer all day, almost every day. The most exercise I usually get is drying off after a shower (sorry about that mental picture). I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. But I knew I needed to do something.

Then I saw a commercial for the Nintendo Wii Fit. It looked perfect for me.

Unfortunately, in this area, and apparently most areas, the Wii Game Console and the Wii Fit are scarce. I tried searching online… buy.com, amazon.com, walmart.com, target.com, bestbuy.com, circuitcity.com. They all said out of stock. Finally I checked eBay and bought one the same day. (I don’t know why I didn’t think of that earlier).

The Wii Fit is actually fun! You have a choice of categories: Strength, Balance, Yoga, and Aerobics. It comes with a plastic “board” that lies on the floor. You stand on it for most of the games and it detects your center of balance, weight, movements, etc. The Wii Fit calculates your weight, BMI, and your balance. You can then set a goal and graph your progress.

For the exercises, you have a wii personal trainer. This is perfect for me because the trainer is inside the game (not a real person), so there is no reason to be embarrassed. The trainer shows you how to do the various exercises, games and yoga poses. You can even jog along with the wii trainer on an island.

One caution, though. Start slowly. I jumped right in to it when it arrived and I had trouble walking for two days afterwards.

Also note that the Wii Fit needs to be connected to the Wii Game Console (purchased separately). You also want to be sure you are buying the Wii Fit Board and Game. Some stores are selling a Wii Fit “Starter Kit” that only includes a mat and a cover for the board.

You can get a good idea of how the Wii Fit works in this video:

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