A Tale of Two Companies

Pushum, Cussum, & Dumpum, Ltd.

The stock price dipped and the CEO flipped; the President squirmed and questioned the worried EVP’s, who blew-in, blew-up, and blew-out at the Regional Presidents. The overbearing Regional President summoned the crusty Vice Presidents, who b-b-b’d the unhappy District Managers, who criticized the incompetent Store Director…who severely chastised the nervous Department Manager who then yelled at the new associates. An upset associate gunned his motorcycle across the parking lot and slid into a customer’s car. They all went home angry and argued with their spouses..two had nervous breakdowns, four experienced heart attacks or strokes, three quit, one got a divorce, and the rest “hung on”.

Trainem, Praisem & Watchemgo, Unltd.

[Part of the Gooden Gitin Gooder Group]

The stock price dipped and the CEO smiled, congratulated the Executive Committee on their dedication, innovation & proven performance, and said, “The price will come back.” The Executives expressed their confidence to the Operating Committee. The confident Regional President sent a note of encouragement to the Vice President. The positive Vice President complimented the cheerful District Manager..who happily congratulated the proud Store Director for the excellent working relationship with his smooth-performing Department Managers for their implementation of the new “Make Every Day A Terrific Day” program with their enthusiastic associates. Customers were elated and told their friends. They all went home at a reasonable hour, expressed their love to their families, and lived happily ever after…the stock price rose.

You have a choice…which team do you choose?

Reprinted with permission from The Beehive, Volume 62

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