Who Are These People?

Ed Foreman Earlene Vining

Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining
Can Change Your Life!

For the past several years Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining have presented their philosophy of Successful Daily Living to thousands of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. There is a very good chance that you, or someone you know, has heard them speak! Or maybe you’ve seen one of their “Life Is TERRIFIC!” bumper stickers around town.


In addition to speaking at executive functions all over the world, Ed and Earlene bring people together in Kerrville, Texas several times a year for a 3 day, premier, intensive personal habit improvement program known as The Successful Life Course. That course is life changing! It is so good that it was featured positivley on CBS News 60 Minutes!