Earlene Vining

Captivating, Inspirational, and Professional

Earlene Vining, co-founder with Ed Foreman and Executive Vice President of Executive Development Systems, is a highly-acclaimed motivational speaker in the international arena. Her surefire, time-tested techniques have inspired thousands to enjoy life-lasting fundamentals to reach new heights of excellence. The savvy to conquer immeasurable odds for personal achievement throughout life has rewarded her with recognition and prosperity.

If you and your organization are looking for a dynamic, results-oriented yet entertaining program or seminar, look no further!

Earlene has dedicated her life to her three children, her career in Personal Development education, and to a lifestyle of excellence. Her presentations reflect these values.

About Earlene Vining…

“It’s not where you are, but where you’re going that counts.”

With this simple truth, Earlene Vining went from picking cotton to reaching for the stars. Growing up as a poor child, she saw the cotton fields of Louisiana as an opportunity — that by picking enough cotton, she could replace her flour sack clothes with beautiful store-bought dresses.

Later, the timeless principles of setting a goal, pursuing it, and enjoying its achievement led to a blossoming career in sales and management; a Presidential appointment to a government post; her own TV talk show; publication of her autobiography, Dream Big Dreams; and frequent appearances sharing the platform with notable speakers such as Art Linkletter, Norman Vincent Peale, Ed Foreman, and Zig Ziglar.

Earlene is also an avid snow skier; a private pilot, a mother of three, and a grandmother.

Earlene does more than just live the good life — she shares the secrets of her success in an exciting, dynamic message that’s as unique as she is. Her audiences learn that having the best in life is like picking cotton — you just have to reach out and take it!

Earlene Vining Keynotes and Seminars

Earlene Vining’s hard-hitting strategies have proven the skills to harness and maintain a positive, winning attitude toward daily living. Her compelling presentations produce a level of excitement and synergy, causing her audience to experience a unique transformation before their eyes!

Engaging and informative seminars are available as keynote addresses for state, regional and national conventions. Her dynamic workshops and high-achievement programs present a battery of skills for professional enhancement, management and sales strategies. Apart from the fast-paced, intensive one-day seminars, Ms. Vining is a premiere instructor of the outstanding three-day seminar, The Successful Life Course.

Keynote Address Topics

  • How to Sell Your Ideas
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Improving Your “I” Sight (Self-Image)
  • You Gotta Pick a Lotta Cotton
  • How to Dream Big Dreams … and Make Them Live!
  • Communicate More by Talking Less

Fast-Paced, Intensive One-Day Seminars

Women’s Symposium on Personal Development

This powerful one-day seminar sizzles with exciting demonstrations of how intellectual wealth and power combined can create sure-success for the woman in the 21st Century. An array of topics include:

  • Enthusiasm — The Key to Happiness
  • Decide What You Want… and Get It!
  • Get the Winning Look
  • Six Steps to Selling Your Ideas and Improving Your Self-Image
Management Training

One of the most innovative training programs designed for management dynamism! This power-packed seminar promises to empower managers to go full speed to peak performance levels. The key topics are:

  • Time Management Techniques
  • Communicate Clearly by Using Six Words
  • How to Do More and Worry Less
  • Improve Your Memory
  • Twelve Rules for Human Relations
How to Improve Administrative Methods

An energetic workshop that develops a team spirit of enthusiasm and goal setting for the business environment. This seminar launches an improved style for producing results on the cutting edge. It is designed to improve:

  • Personal work habits through management techniques
  • Office relations and team work
  • Communication
  • Efficiency
Sales Seminar “For the Movers and Shakers”

Experience a fun and invigorating seminar in sales training techniques for “The Movers and The Shakers.” This program arms the participants with strategies to enable them to climb the ladder to sales excellence! Learn how to:

  • Think, Act, and Look like a Winner
  • The Red and Green Lights of Language — Sales Psychology Session
  • Goal-Setting
  • Organization
  • Prospecting
  • Communication
  • 5 Steps of Selling

Successful Life Courses

These powerful courses lay down the principles for success in life. They offer life-enhancing techniques guaranteed to boost the quality of life for achievers.

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