Entrepreneur, Congressman, Speaker, Philanthropist
Biographical Summary

Former United States Congressman Ed Foreman is the only person in over 150 years to be elected to Congress from two different States. He is an interesting study in the power of positive thinking. From a poor farm kid to an oil field roughneck, he became a millionaire by the age of 26 by being alert to the world in which he lived and finding a way to make it better. A visionary free-enterpriser, he worked his way through engineering school as a construction worker, section-hand for the railroad, surveyor, and a variety of jobs while also utilizing an athletic scholarship to achieve a degree in Engineering.

Upon graduation, instead of accepting employment in the construction industry, he opted for the experience of oil exploration work. He discovered a method for drilling oil wells faster and safer than previously done in the West Texas Permian Basin, negotiated contracts with exploration companies, and built a highly successful network of oil and gas related businesses.

In addition to his unique status as a successful business organizer-operator, he was elected to the United States Congress from Texas at the age of 28, and from New Mexico at 35. As a Republican and the youngest member of the 88th Congress, he developed close mentee-mentor relationships with prominent Congressional leaders on both sides of the political aisle…became friends with Presidents, and gained an understanding, appreciation, and participating role in international relations.

He left Congress to continue his business development in Texas and New Mexico in ready mix concrete, sand and gravel operations, trucking, oil field equipment, petroleum exploration, farming, ranching, and a variety of related business investment opportunities. Although active in community and civic affairs, his attention was directed toward building a sound business base and away from politics.

Early on, he began a personal life enrichment experimental program for the employees of his companies, helping his team members, and himself, to enjoy and appreciate life, both on the job and in their personal lives. He was a graduate and part-time instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course. He became a student of, and friends with, Earl Nightingale, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Kenneth McFarland, Jose Silva, and other positive leaders.

Ed and his long-time business partner, Earlene Vining, and their associates, have presented a variety of keynotes, half-day and full-day sessions, and other programs throughout the world. Their popular personal development program has helped people from all levels recognize, attain and enjoy the art of: improved personal living; attitude improvement; better time management; more vibrant physical, mental and emotional health; improved self-appreciation and direction; mind-controlled relaxation; personal, business and family goal establishment; problem solving and specific action steps for happy, healthy, successful daily living. It is a unique, comprehensive habit-improvement program that mentally, physically, and emotionally improves one’s sphere of living. They teach these specific techniques for making this an automatic part of the subconscious mind. This has been a significant factor in making the program a meaningful, life-enhancing, results-proven experience.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, and minister to millions, said, “Ed Foreman is a highly inspirational person. I’d like to be exposed to him more often. There is truth, meaning and life in what he teaches.” Dr. Dale Rank, practicing surgeon, former clinical investigator for the New York Cancer Research Center, and co-founder of the “Living With Cancer” Program at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, said, “Ed Foreman knows, understands and teaches more about the mind/body relationship and how to achieve wellness than most practicing physicians. He explains health and physical well-being in a manner that people can understand and inspires them to achieve their best for vitality and longevity. His teachings go beyond successful business techniques; he shows you how to live healthfully and successfully.‚ÄĚ

In addition to his numerous appearances in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Ed has presented a variety of programs in England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia, and other Countries. In a recent keynote speech for an international client, he enjoyed the attentive participation and a prolonged rousing ovation from representatives from 40 Countries. His audiences vary in size from a dozen corporate leaders at a weekend retreat, to 60 participants at his 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, to hundreds at corporate and association meetings and conventions, to over 50,000 at public self-improvement functions.

Ed and his brother, H. W. (Chub) Foreman, listed among the Top 100 Distinguished Alumni of New Mexico State University’s College of Engineering, are major benefactors to the College of Engineering. The Ed and Harold Foreman Engineering Complex houses the Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering Department, the Industrial Engineering Department, and the Institute for Energy and the Environment. Ed and his wife Barbara have been regular benefactors to Eastern New Mexico University and a multitude of other notable programs. Ed holds an Honorary Doctorate of Letters Degree from New Mexico State University. Ed and his wife Barbara (Southard), formerly of Deming, New Mexico, and an NMSU alumna, have two children, Preston Kirk Foreman (Dallas, Texas) and Rebecca Lynn Foreman (Stockholm, Sweden), who are both NMSU graduates.

Ed Foreman’s acclaim and success as an outstanding presenter did not come from any personal goal or burning desire by him to become a recognized, popular, and financially successful platform speaker…he’d already acquired wealth, recognition, personal and business success years earlier…it grew out of his love and desire to cultivate an appreciation and enjoyment of life in his own team members. His passion for helping others; his oratorical skills developed as a young Congressman; his first-hand knowledge of business challenges, ups and downs; and his personal enthusiasm, charisma and sincerity, and his long-term proven program for achieving a fullness of life are what made Ed Foreman one of the most popular speakers in America!

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