All Skills Are Improved

When you develop the right

“Body & Mind Development? Are you crazy? We only invest in “Skills Improvement”…you know, things like safety, operations, technology, management techniques. We don’t waste time on that “Positive Attitude” stuff!”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, there are some people who still espouse that philosophy.

Would you feel safer in the air with a happy, positive pilot or a disgruntled, negative, angry pilot? Would you prefer a happy, positive, relaxed physician/ mechanic operating on you/your aircraft or a frustrated, upset, stressed-out physician/mechanic? Would you prefer a constructive, helpful, considerate associate as your team member or a complaining, demanding, selfish associate? Would you prefer a cheerful, loving, thoughtful spouse or a critical, impatient, whining spouse? How about your son, daughter, student, employee, employer, client or supplier…one with a dependable, positive attitude, no matter what happens…or one that explodes at the first sign of difficulty?

“Positive Attitudes,” dependable, reliable, positive attitudes, can be developed in anyone in their daily performance. The SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course has been helping people do this for over a quarter of a century…thousands of people, of all temperaments, from hundreds of companies. This kind of personal life-enhancement translates to bottom line results in safety, job performance, profits and longevity. We guarantee it! If you don’t experience noticeable, appreciable improvement immediately, there’s no charge for our services!

Positive Attitude enhancement is a basic prerequisite curriculum for all personal and employment development programs. If a person’s attitude is substandard, results of all “skills” improvement training will be substandard. You can build a winning organization by developing the positive personal power of your individual team members. That’s what the SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course is all about!

CBS News 60 Minutes said, “We did not believe it was possible to significantly improve a person’s performance patterns in three days. Yet, upon participating in this program, we found that lives were significantly improved as a result of the special techniques of this unique program.

This intensive personal development program helps individuals attain, recognize, and enjoy the art of improved personal living; attitude improvement; more vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health; improved self-awareness, appreciation and direction; personal, business, and family goals establishment and achievement; and, the art of happy, successful daily living. You’ll learn specific techniques on how to relax, re-energize, and get the equivalent of a 2-hour relaxing nap in 15 minutes. You’ll learn how to effectively and persuasively deal with “difficult” people; how to defuse conflict and toxic situations; assertive, positive situation control; improved communications; personality profile recognition for improved interpersonal relationships; understanding and more effectively dealing with family, friends and business associates.

Ed, Earlene and their professional Executive Development Systems team help you implement real world solutions to the challenges of today…not theory, dimensional repositioning, diagnostic psychoanalysis, or integrated models for internal trade-offs…just practical, proven, specific daily living techniques on how to enjoy life rather than endure it…how to make your personal and business life less stressful and more successful.

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