August 2012 Successful Life Course

Successful Life Course August 2012

The 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE class just completed at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park in Indiana was perhaps one of the strongest, best, most participative and enjoyable yet!

Participants from Defender, Caterpillar, BWI, Inc, Ferguson Integrated Services, and independent enrollees, including seven high school and college students, from all over the USA and Canada, listened, learned, laughed and grew in mind, body and spirit!

Special instructional contributors in addition to Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining included Rebecca Foreman, Blaine Athorn, Dr. Jerry Bane, Chris McGarahan, Dave DeFreitas, Bill Sutherland, et al.

We enjoyed exercising our minds, expanding our goals, learning new and happy ways of resolving difficult situations, and ways to reduce (and eliminate) stress, worry and frustration. We exercised and walked along the trails, through the woods, by the creeks, and through magnificent canyons in the rain and in sunshine.

We experienced relaxation, fun, and the enjoyment of LIFE!

Life is goood ‘n gettin’ goooder!

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  • Ken Manire says:

    I’m glad to see you are still going strong, Ed, along with Earlene. My family, friends, and I still put your teachings to work… and they still work wonders. Best to you and Earlene.

    P.S. What is Kay Kerr up to these days?

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