Bring Solutions Not Problems

Here is one thing that will greatly increase your chances of success.

Bring solutions, not problems.

Except in the very rarest of circumstances, you will not be rewarded for just pointing out the problems. When you become aware of an issue, spend a little time thinking of possible solutions. Then, when you present the issue to management, you can follow it up with, “There are a couple of ways we could solve this…”

As an employer, I can tell you that the people who bring me issues this way are the ones who will get the bonuses, promotions, etc.

The people who just talk about problems tend to be seen as whiners and complainers. Everybody has enough of these in their lives already.

Note that I’m not suggesting that you spend a huge amount of time coming up with a solution before you bring it to your manager’s attention. As I said before in Bad News Doesn’t Get Better with Age, you want to give them as much time as possible for “damage control”. Spend just enough time to come up with some possibilities, even if they are not completely thought out.

If the issue is one that you can solve without involving management, just do it. Then tell your associates or manager. You want your manager to know that you are resolving problems. And your solution may work for your associates’ challenges, too.

When you bring solutions, people will be glad to see you coming. This applies to everyone you interact with, not just business.

In addition, one of the maxims of starting a new business is to “find a problem and solve it.”

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