Your Healing Heart

By Ed Foreman

Your healing heart will make you strong
Building lungs to last you long…

A cardiac arrest…
Can be a wake-up test!

You’ll smile from inside…out,
Friends will wonder what you’re about!

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new

* * *

Right things are easy to eat and drink
No need to even stop and think!

No longer lying on the couch watching T.V.
You’re enjoying family, friends ‘n better things to see!

There’s a new day breaking bright and clear
WOW! What new adventures…and sounds you hear!

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new

* * *

Make your rehab fun…
Walking’s good, no need to run.

Thank the doctors ‘n your nurses, too
They know what’s best for you.

Take your meds as prescribed
‘n booze ain’t to be imbibed!

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new.

* * *

You’ll skip and smile…
You’ll go the extra mile.

You’ll go from blue to pink…
“Somethin’s up,” your friends will think.

The birds will chirp ‘n tweet and sing
Oh, what a Joy life does bring!

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new.

* * *

The “price is high,” you say…
But what’s it worth to live another day?

Life’s too short to fret ‘n fume ‘n fuss
Relax, unwind and enjoy happy times here with us.

Letting go of things that cause worry and stress
Helps you pass life’s wellness test.

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new.

* * *

Every day’s the time to be “TERRIFIC”
Expect goood things…’n be specific!

What you think, good or bad, sick or well
Your environment soon will tell.

Life is no surprise…
You get what you energize!

You’ll laugh ‘n love…and live more too,
Your healing heart will make you new!

Happy New Year! from Ed Foreman

Happy New Year!
Thanks to the professional expertise of my medical specialists, the energy, love, prayers, and support from family and friends, I am truly getting back to “real life” with renewed enthusiasm and improving health and vitality.

Yes, I am attending daily morning cardiac rehabilitation sessions, exercising, reading, writing and enjoying walks along the creek and through the park.

It is fun to look ahead as we fill in the calendar with exciting adventures for 2012. We will continue with our quarterly 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course sessions at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana (March, May, August and November); six full-day programs for our Institute for Management Studies friends in New York City (March), London and Scotland (May), Minneapolis (July), Philadelphia (August), and Detroit (September); Global Information Network (GIN) meetings throughout the USA and exotic locations around the world; Canadian Outback Adventures program at Totem Lodge, Lake of the Woods Ontario; NMSU faculty and student functions; Veteran Speakers Retreat in Pennsylvania; a few corporate annual meeting keynotes, political fund-raisers; fly-fishing in New Brunswick; motorcycle tours up and down the back roads of America… Laughing, Loving ‘n Living life to the fullest!

Count your blessings, be cheerful, kind and considerate.

Recognize that the “Someday” you’ve been planning for is here, now;
so go out and make a lot of worthwhile memories!

Love and best wishes!
Ed Signature
Ed Foreman

Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 30 2011

Ed is doing very well… He’s been out of the hospital since December 21st, has been in and out of the office since the first day he was out of the hospital, and is enjoying the Christmas holiday season with his family. We’re enthusiastically anticipating that he’ll be back in full form and going strong by on or before our March 7-9 SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course in Indiana. He’s still needing to take it a little easier than normal, but he’s making terrific progress in his recovery.

Your continued friendship and concern are most sincerely appreciated!
Keep Smiling and Stay TERRIFIC!

Ed Foreman Celebrates 78th Birthday with Renewed, Revitalized HEART and SPIRIT

Today, Ed is grateful, thankful, and appreciative for his many wonderful friends, supporters, family, and professional specialists who have given him a new lease on life.

After quadruple bypass surgery, heart valve repair, a pacemaker, etc, he goes forth from the hospital to celebrate new vitality and energy. He will be going through cardiac rehabilitation for the next 8 weeks and expects to be fully recovered by or before March 5, in time for our next SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course session at McCormick’s Creek State Park in Spencer, Indiana.

Your love, messages, prayers, and support have been of extremely appreciated importance in this experience. THANK YOU!

Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 16 2011

Good news! Ed was moved this morning from ICU to a private room at Medical City Hospital in Dallas with limited visitation. He’s doing very well, but still needs lots of rest and recovery time; so your understanding that your wonderful, thoughtful notes are not being responded to is sincerely appreciated. Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers!

Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 13 2011

Ed came through his surgery very well today and met the doctor’s expectations. His recovery is progressing well, and he will be enjoying his morning “walk-about” starting on Wednesday morning. He’ll be in ICU for about three days and then in the hospital for a total of about ten days.

We’ll keep you posted as the doctors and nurses get him back up and running. Your continued good thoughts and prayers are sincerely appreciated. As it is impossible for us to respond to all your wonderful notes, please know that each message is read, and Ed will see them as his recovery progresses and know how many wonderful friends he has!

Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 12 2011

Ed is on schedule for the heart procedure to fix his heart valve, bypasses, etc., tomorrow morning (December 13th). He is appreciative and grateful for your many positive notes, prayers, and words of encouragement.

He laughingly asked the surgeon about the possibility of a heart transplant from a young, healthy billy goat…but together, they have not yet located a “donor”! It is expected that Ed will be in the intensive care unit (ICU) for 3 or 4 days following the operation…then, perhaps about 8 weeks of rehabilitation and recovery.

Ed expects to be back in action, speaking, teaching, traveling and motorcycling with renewed energy and vitality by or before March 1st. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Ed Foreman Health Report Nov 29 2011

Ed, as you may be aware, has had some recent heart challenges…low heart rate accompanied by a long-history of atrial fibrillation. Through his lifestyle program of vigorous exercise, responsible eating practices, and reduced stress, he has handled it without major challenge until most recently.

On October 25th, Ed received a pacemaker implant (see A Most Unusual Introduction).

Presently, he is undergoing tests in preparation for open heart surgery on December 13th for by-passes and valve repair and/or replacement. He has the very best, most respected medical specialists and heart surgeon, Dr. Todd Dewey, who will be conducting the procedure at Medical City Hospital in Dallas.

Ed is optimistic and confident about the event and is enthusiastically looking forward to a restoration of his vibrant, active lifestyle. He is deeply grateful for your support, friendship and prayers. We will keep you advised of his progress and activities.

A Most Unusual Introduction

Tuesday, October 25, upon return from a 3-week tour of Europe, Ed Foreman, feeling less than his usual energetic self, and experiencing shortness of breath, went by the office of Dallas Dr. William Downs for a quick diagnosis… thinking he might be experiencing a touch of pneumonia.

Instead, the doctor told Ed that his breathing difficulty appeared to be a very low heart rate coupled with his long-diagnosed atrial fibrillation, and that he was at imminent health risk needing immediate attention.

Ed told him about his commitment to speak at the Global Information Network Convention here in the Bahamas today (Saturday, October 29, 2011)… and that upon his return to Dallas next week, he would schedule to meet with a cardiologist. The doctor replied solemnly, “You might not return to Dallas.” Insistent that he be seen by a cardiologist immediately, Dr. Downs put Ed in a wheelchair and pushed him down the hall for an EKG and evaluation by cardiologist, Dr. Larry Poliner… who confirmed the heart diagnosis… and recommended immediate surgery to implant a pacemaker into Ed’s chest.

“Which is more important, your life or a speaking commitment?,” the doctors asked. Ed said, “If you can perform the operation immediately and allow me to honor my commitment, I will agree to the operation.” At 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, less than 72 hours ago, Ed underwent surgery for a heart pacemaker implant and is here to keep his commitment.

Welcome, ED FOREMAN!

* * * * *

Ed spoke to the 2,000 attendees… an energetic 1-hour and 30-minute presentation, interrupted by 12 standing ovations… and continues his active travel and speaking schedule today… his 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, motorcycle riding and related activities. He has NO plan to retire until he “kicks the bucket,” and is optimistic and hopeful that will not be anytime soon!

Proper Exercise and Nutrition

As Ed explains, “Excessive exercise and improper nutritution can produce undesirable results!”