Earlene’s 12 Habit Patterns of Winners

  1. Don’t condemn, criticize or complain… Think of ways to improve the situation. The big rewards are paid for finding the solution, not the difficulty.
  2. Show real, honest and hearty appreciation… let others know they are loved.
  3. Think good thoughts about other people… and yourself.
  4. Give before you get. Always give others a reason to agree with you before asking anything of them. (If there were a way that YOU…)
  5. Smile often… it generates enthusiasm, friendliness and goodwill.
  6. Remember names. A person’s name is the sweetest, most important sound he hears and instantly captures his attention each time it is used.
  7. Be an effective communicator by listening. Encourage others to talk about themselves by asking questions. (When, Where, Who, What, How, WHY?)
  8. Think, Act and Look happy and successful… and you will begin to think, feel, and actually become HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL.
  9. Never engage in worry conversations or participate in gossip sessions.
  10. Always greet others with a positive, cheerful statement… not the question, “How are you?”
  11. Respond to another’s question, “How are you?” with an enthusiastic, meaningful “TERRIFIC!”
  12. Look for and expect GOOD things to happen to you… inquire of others: “What GOOD things are happening with you today?”
Earlene Vining

Earlene Vining, Executive VP, Executive Development Systems Inc

Ed Foreman Shares His TERRIFIC Message With The Global Information Network

Ed Foreman has been sharing the successful daily living principles with leaders from throughout the United States and around the globe through a series of full-day seminars recently conducted for the Global Information Network (GIN) in Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando, et al.

Ed also keynoted an outstanding meeting in October for the Global Information Network Family Reunion at The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island in The Bahamas and will be joining the teaching staff for their two luxury cruise/learning experiences to the Caribbean on the Majesty of the Seas out of Miami in late January 2011.

The Global Information Network is a members-only global association of like-minded individuals who wish to hone their skills to achieve financial independence, wealth creation, dynamic health, and emotional well-being. What an outstanding, dynamic group of leaders Ed and his associate, Earlene Vining, have met and worked with through this organization who are already successful but looking to continually improve their knowledge and skills through continuing education and inspiration. They are prime examples of individuals who wish to remain “green and growing” rather than becoming “ripe and rotting”!

Ed and Earlene continue to share the message of happy, healthy, successful living with leaders throughout the world

Ed Foreman with Global Information Network

Shown above at a meeting of the Global Information Network at The Atlantis Resort,Paradise Island, The Bahamas, are Jeffrey Devine, Ed Foreman, Deno Andrews, Blaine Athorn, and Kevin Trudeau

Earlene Vining with Global Information Network

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Earlene Vining, Dr. Ted Morter and Jena Morter.

GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Ed Foreman on the GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Ed Foreman on the GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Here’s what attendees had to say:

(GIN member’s names are not released)

It was wonderful to see you Ed – YOU ARE TERRIFIC!

You were amazing to listen to… I have been enjoying your “daily menu”. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

It was amazing and empowering!!

Ed! Thank you so much! You are absolutely incredible! A terrific inspiration!

Thank You Ed! Again you lit me on fire with your amazing presence… Thank you, Thank You for the incredible experience!!

Simply put, You’re absolute awesomeness!

Thanks Ed for the vibrant presence on the cruise. You are so inspiring! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!

It was so wonderful to meet you, Ed. You are truly so inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for the Daily Menu! I’m having a terrific day! So grateful to have been there and absorbed your energy.

Keep doing what you are doing…you are a fantastic inspiration to so many of us!

Isn’t Life Terrific?

Written by R. Todd Eliason for Success Magazine July 2009.

For 40 years, Ed Foreman has made it his mission to help people the world over live happy, healthy, abundant lives.

If there were a way you could make every day a terrific day, you’d probably be interested. Wouldn’t you? To cynics, that may sound like an impossible dream, but for the past four decades Ed Foreman has helped people all over the world have more terrific days than bad days.

Growing up poor as the son of a peanut and sweet potato farmer in Portales, N.M., Foreman went from being a roustabout on oil rigs to the only person in 100 years to be elected to the U.S. Congress from two states (Texas and New Mexico). He has taken chances as an entrepreneur, finding both enormous success—and failures to boot. He now spends his days helping others learn from his experiences and take an easier, more successful route, one day at a time.

Raised on the Golden Rule

Foreman says he gets his sunny disposition on life from his mother. “I had these big ears and no hair but she told me I was beautiful and smart and taught me I could do anything I wanted in life if I was willing to work hard for it,” he says.

Shortly after graduating from New Mexico State University with an engineering degree, Foreman was inspired by Giant, a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. The movie was about a poor man who came into a lot of money in the oil business. “I wanted to become financially independent and didn’t want to worry about where my money would be coming from,” Foreman says.

He took a job as a petroleum engineer and came up with a better, faster way to drill oil wells. Soon he was making money so fast he had to furnish an office and secretary to look legitimate to the IRS. “They were there because they couldn’t believe how anyone so young [26] could make so much money so fast, and do it honestly,” Foreman says.

Congress Calling

Although the IRS never found any accounting discrepancies, Foreman didn’t like what he felt was an intrusion into his private business life. “I became concerned about the size, power and control of the federal government, and I decided to run for Congress and do something about it,” he says.

With a little charm and a whole lot of work, Foreman beat out the incumbent Democrat and became the first Republican to be elected to the U.S. Congress from West Texas. His first stint in Washington didn’t last long; he was voted out in 1964 along with other Republicans. But Foreman was back a few years later, this time as a congressman from New Mexico, where he served until 1971.

Back to Business

Instead of staying in Washington, D.C., Foreman got into land development and worked in New Mexico at his brother’s petroleum distribution and concrete businesses.

Foreman started doing some motivational speaking for his employees just to get their spirits up. His speaking engagements caught the eye of his suppliers and customers. Soon his assistant was bombarded with paying speaking requests.

What people loved about Foreman was not only the message he delivered, but also the way he delivered it. “The message I was sharing wasn’t that different from other speakers at the time,” Foreman says. “But I think the difference was I delivered it with conviction, a little humor and the knowledge of having been there. I have experience in making payroll and went through an IRS audit. So I could talk to people with conviction and laugh about it at the same time because I had lived through it.”

Getting an assist from CBS News’ 60 Minutes

In the early 1980s, Foreman, along with his partner Earlene Vining, got a call from a producer of CBS News’ 60 Minutes who wanted to do a feature on their positive-attitude-development training program. Thinking it was a friend playing a prank, Foreman said no thanks and hung up on the producer. Ten days later, he got a call from Morley Safer. Foreman said, “Morley, I have never seen you do a positive piece in all the times I’ve watched your program. So why do you think I would want to subject my employees and suppliers to your kind of international ridicule?”

But Foreman offered Safer a deal: If the reporter and his crew came to Texas and participated in the three-day program, Foreman would consider doing the segment. To his surprise, Safer agreed. What resulted was a very positive segment on Foreman’s Successful Life Course that was shown by satellite around the world.

As a result of this free publicity, Foreman got calls from major corporations interested in the course. Today, he has students from 17 countries. “People wouldn’t be traveling halfway around the world and investing their own money on a thought-changing experience if it wasn’t having a significant impact on their lives,” Foreman says.

“That’s basically what we teach—the power of thought to make you into what you want to be.”

The Daily Menu: Living Your Way to the Good Life

For more than a quarter of a century, Foreman has been inspiring others to live happy, healthy, abundant and successful lives. And it all started with a very simple philosophy on how to have a terrific day, every day. Foreman says you decide whether or not you’re going to have a good day. It’s part of his Daily Menu, for laughing, loving and living your way to the good life.

“We teach that life comes to you every day and says, Here’s the menu for the day” Foreman says. “You can either have a terrible day or a terrific day. And you get to choose which side of the menu you are going to take. Successful daily living is brought about by having one happy, successful day. If you can find the formula on how to have one happy, successful day, and you can repeat that seven days in a row, you’ve had a good week. Now do that 52 times in a row, and what do you have? You’ve had a great year.”

Foreman says a successful day begins with getting up early, preferably before 6:30 a.m. or a couple of hours before departing for work. Next, he recommends putting something positive in your mind when you first wake up. “What we found is when you first awaken, you’re at the alpha level of your subconscious mind, which is the maximum brain energy learning level,” he says. “And whatever you put into the mind during those first few minutes begins the programming of your day.”

Afterward, Foreman recommends a little walk to watch the world wake up. “Observe the beauty of nature around you. Smell the freshness of the air. Begin to appreciate and give thanks for the many blessings you enjoy.”

Foreman says that later, when people ask you how you are, you answer with one word: terrific. “When you say that, you are triggering an entire reaction in your body,” he says. “And the body is saying, ‘Well, if the mind is saying I’m terrific, maybe I’ll put a spring in my step, or maybe I’ll put a smile on my face or put a song in my heart.’ As you continue to tell yourself that you’re happy, you will become happy.”

Think About What You Think About

If you catch yourself thinking about unhappiness, ill health or adversity, Foreman says you need to change the channel and think about what you want to happen. For example, if you’re watching a television program that’s making you feel worse, most people would turn off the television. Foreman disagrees. “If you turn it off, what do you think about? You think about what you were just watching. You see, the mind is never blank. So what you do is you change the channel to something more positive and uplifting. And you watch that for a little while, and then you turn it off. That’s why I tell people to think about what you’re thinking about. And if you’re not thinking good thoughts, then change the channel to what you want to have happen.”

Living a Paid Vacation

Walk the halls of Ed Foreman’s office and you will see walls covered with photos of a man who has lived a fulfilling life. And today he is leading the life he dreamed about when he was working his father’s farm in New Mexico. “I remember, I would look up into the skies and see planes that would go over our farm, and I would think, you know, someday I’m going to be on one of those planes and I’m going to be traveling to a far-off, beautiful place.”

Foreman has altered that dream a little, and instead of planes, he prefers to travel the country on his fleet of motorcycles. A few years ago, he rode his Honda Goldwing trike to Alaska, a 7,200-mile trip that took 35 days. “I’ve lived a paid vacation for the past 40 years,” Foreman says. “I’ve been able to speak and visit with people and help inspire them to live happy, healthy, abundant and successful lives. Isn’t life terrific?”

Ed Foreman is Featured in Success Magazine

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Why are Zig Ziglar and Ed Foreman So Successful?

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Success is defined in the dictionary as “the achievement of something attempted”. No matter what your personal definition, success can be most easily understood as reaching a goal. Even though we all set goals for ourselves many of us do not reach them. What stops us and what can we do to change this?

Two men have made it their life-long goal to help others reach theirs: Ed Foreman and Zig Ziglar. Both of these men had modest beginnings: Ed was raised a farmer’s son while Zig was raised by his widowed mother as one of 12 children. Both men grew up to be millionaires long before the age of the dot com. The values they learned during those years: enthusiasm, positive thinking, discipline, integrity, and love of people, have made them the men that they are today and the reason others seek to emulate them. Let us examine these values and take a look at what they can do for us.


One executive who heard Ed Foreman speak said, “Listening to Ed is like trying to drink from a fire hose…he delivers so much useful, meaningful information with such enthusiasm!“. Clearly, Ed Foreman loves what he does and does what he loves. It is this passion for his mission that carries over into his message and inspires others to take up their own mission with enthusiasm.

Zig Ziglar has been electrifying his audiences since 1970 as a motivational speaker, alongside such notables as Presidents Reagan and Bush, but it is often Zig that the audiences are there to see.

Their message is clear: if you wish to be successful you must be enthusiastic about what you do and that will carry you through your days. Enthusiasm is catching and can help you see what is in front of you in a whole new light.

Positive Thinking

Although Norman Vincent Peale is the name most people think of when it comes to positive thinking, Ed Foreman is right there beside him in terms of using thoughts to get desired outcomes. Long before the success of nationwide bestsellers like The Secret, Ed’s message was that “thoughts lead to actions which become habits that create the character that you become“. By thinking about what we want to happen instead of what we don’t want, we can create our reality.

Zig Ziglar elaborates on this further when he says “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

Learning to face challenges head on with the belief that the outcome will be beneficial, either as a winning moment or as a learning experience, can make all the difference in the world. Trials become opportunities, fear is replaced by excitement.


Probably the biggest obstacle to attaining goals is having the discipline to take action and complete our tasks. “It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through,” says Zig Ziglar.

From Ed Foreman’s perspective, discipline is the catalyst for change that brings about the state of being. “Winners do the things that losers don’t like to do.

Remembering what you want and then acting as if it were already a reality is what gives us real change. The application of what we know to be the correct way of thinking and acting is what helps us reach our goals more efficiently.


Everyone has a strict moral code that they live and work by and it is in adhering to that code that their character is revealed.

Realizing that “every choice you make has an end result” has helped Zig Ziglar make choices that are directly in line with his personal values. An evangelical Christian, Ziglar incorporates his beliefs into his motivational speeches.

Ed Foreman holds strongly to the power of forgiveness and encourages his listeners to “get over it and get on with your life“.

Keeping firmly to your values as you go through your life will help you see clearly what is most important and help you move past what isn’t, allowing you to advance further along your chosen path.

Love of People

Both Ed Foreman and Zig Ziglar have a deep, genuine love of people. This is evident in the manner in which they conduct themselves in their professional lives as well as in their message.

After becoming a millionaire and a success in the business world, Foreman served as a United States Congressman in two different states before embarking on his current career as a motivational speaker. His energy for helping others achieve what they want in life has made him well respected in his career.

Zig Ziglar also has found his greatest success in helping others. He has said “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want“.

Both of these men understand the law of reciprocity – that to receive you must first give, whether it is a service, product, or of yourself.

While success may seem elusive at first, keeping focused on our goals and maintaining our values is what will drive us to accomplish what we set out to do. The examples from the lives of people such as Ed Foreman and Zig Ziglar help us see all our dreams are possible.

Goals: 5 Reasons for Writing Them Down

mygoalsby Anthony D. Carter

YOU determine what your goals are. Your goals guide your life. It is important that you write those goals down. Here are 5 reasons for writing your goals down:


MIV-Makes It Vivid – Your goals take on a life of their own when you write them down. The written word is more powerful than the thoughts which come and go throughout the day. When you write the goal down it become concrete and real to you. Before you write your goal down it is only an aspiration. It is a wish.


PCR-Provides Constant Reminders – Out of sight, out of mind is the saying that can apply to your goals when you do not write them down. With so many obligations pulling at us in a typical day it is difficult to keep our mind centered on our goals if we don’t see them often enough. In order to hit our goals we must be able to see them and think about them throughout the day so they don’t get lost in among our other responsibilities. Regularly reading your written goals gives you constant reminders during the day. As you keep those goals in front of you impress them upon your mind.


EP-Establish Priorities – Written goals help you prioritize your activities. You especially need this in the beginning. Before the habits have been developed you need to remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish. Otherwise you will find yourself operating business as usual. I always use written goals to help me establish the order of my priorities for any given day when I first set my goals. Because I have them written down and I am looking at them constantly, the task associated with my goals rise to the top of my list of things to do.


KYF-Keeps Your Focus – When you write your goals down and read them regularly you begin to center your attention on their completion. As your focus on them becomes stronger your goals are kept at the forefront of your thoughts. Every time you read your goals you are giving your subconscious a clearer image of the target.


MIAH-Makes It A Have To Have – When you write your goals down you begin to put importance on them. Your goal moves from being something nice to have to being something that you must have. When your goal is written down and you can read it and think about throughout the day it begins to matter more to you. It becomes something that you think about constantly.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your free access to my special report “Setting And Hitting Your Goals” by going to

From Anthony D. Carter – a leading expert on goal setting.

Article Source:

Life’s Daily Menu For Successful Living

by Ed Foreman

Which Do You Choose Today?

Which side do you choose?

Life comes to you each day and
you get to choose what kind of a day you’re going to have.




Awaken Early Appreciation for Life
Inspirational Reading Good News Immediately
Early Morning Walk or Run Smiles & Enthusiasm
Devotion & Thanksgiving Recognition & Expectation
Brief Regular Exercise Vibrant Health & Strong Body
Positive Cassette Tape Message Vision & Encouragement
Shower & Readiness Freshness & Anticipation
Nourishing Breakfast (25%) Alertness, Energy, Vitality
Multi-Vitamin + E + C + A Energy, Vitality, Immunity
Wholesome, Positive Thoughts Accomplishment & Wealth
Pleasant Greetings to All Many Friends & Happiness
Give Sincere Appreciation Love, Honor & Cooperation
Listen More, Talk Less Respect, Approval, Knowledge
Plan for the Day & Future Creativity & Organization
Do One Task at a Time Accomplish Greatly
See Your Work as Pleasurable Outstanding Achievement
Moderate Lunch (50%) Alive, Alert & Awake
Work/Rest/Work/Rest Prosperity & Satisfaction (MCR)
Count Your Blessings Abundance, Love & Serenity
Play & Relaxation Happiness & Enjoyment
Moderation & Temperance Clear, Calm & Organized
Reasonable Dinner (25%) Comfortable & Relaxed
Review Your Accomplishments Peace of Mind & Success
Prayer Homage & Self-Confidence
Relax & Sleep Sweet Dreams & Full Life




Awaken Late (Have to Rush) Anxiety & Bitterness
Go Get Newspaper (Like a Dog) Mostly Bad News
Digest Bad News on the Run Feel Bad & Get Mad
No Devotion or Inspiration Low Spirit, Easily Offended
No Exercise Sluggish, Tired & Run Down
Radio or Television Report Disaster, Trouble & Despair
Too Late to Get Bath Sleepy, Stinky & Unkempt
No Breakfast or Coffee & Donut Hungry, Mean & Nervous
Cigarette, Candy, Cola Hacking Cough, Indigestion
Negative, Derogatory Thoughts Problems & Depression
Unfriendly & Ugly to Others Few or No Friends
Criticize, Condemn & Complain Condemnation, No Love
Dictate, Direct & Demand Disrespect & Ridicule
No Plans for the Day or Future Disorganized & Sour
Tackle Everything at Once Confusion & Disorder
See Your Job as Necessary Evil Barely Get By
Lunch-Greasy & Hurried Drowsy, Gassy & Dull
Work/Work/Work/Work Little Money & Fatigue
Curse Life & Gripe Poverty, Hate & Worry
No Play & No Relaxation Tension & Frustration
Indulgence & Dissipation Illness, Tired, No Confidence
Dinner-Drink & Eat Heavy Burp, Barf & Nightmares
Worry, Fret & Be Tense Sickness, Fear & Failure
No Prayer of Thanksgiving Selfish, Resentful & Jealous
Stay Uptight & Poor Sleep Bad Dreams & Half-Life


Given these choices, which side of the menu will you choose today?

Download The Daily Menu

We’re In A Recession!

What-a-ya’ got to be thankful about?

We’ve been bombarded lately by the news media, the pundits, economists, bankers, and politicians that “We’re in a RECESSION,” aka “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” If you dwell upon the situation, study it and wallow in it, you’ll begin to feel apprehensive, doubtful and scared!

Things are really not that bad for us. We’re enjoying smooth sailing. It’s been a good year…maybe not a great year, but a very goood year! We’ve served a lot of wonderful, appreciative customers who have paid their bills. We received lots of orders for our products from new folks we’ve never dealt with before. We’ve addressed business meetings across the U.S.A. and around the world. Our 3-day classes here in Texas have been well attended. We’ve met new people, traveled to exotic locations and had fun! Did we achieve all our goals? No. Did we experience any disappointments? Of course. Could we have improved our revenue? Yes. Are we happy anyway? You better bet we are!

We’re thankful and happy for the support of our many wonderful clients and friends. You have given us confidence by placing your trust in us! We are enjoying the blessings of good health, family, freedom, travel, “toys”…and the knowledge that we live in a part of the world that most people would love to experience. They find it hard to believe that we have it so GOOOD…and wonder why some folks complain and feel so bad!

Here’s a good suggestion…take at least an hour…a reflective hour…and make a list of everything good that happened in your life in the last 12 months…from the little things to the big ones! It’ll require a little time for you to “shift gears” from what’s wrong to what’s right. Maybe you got a promotion, more responsibility and the opportunity to grow…a new job…a new client, or a new addition to your family, or remodeled the house, the old car kept running good, or you traded for another car, home, job or bike. Your kid got well or made good grades…someone special respects and loves you…you improved your diet, exercise and energy level…you watched a sunrise, walked in the moonlight…lived without fear…set and achieved some new goals. You get the idea. Rack your brain…put it into “positive gear,” count all your blessings and see how very much you have to be thankful for! Add to your list daily!

Think about what you think about…thankfulness and blessings, or complaints and despair? You decide, it’s your choice…complainers will always have plenty to complain about…happy people look for things to be happy about and they enjoy happy, healthy, productive lives!

We expect 2009 and 2010 to get better…the markets will recover…our new President will do better than some folks expected…the sky won’t fall…the sun will continue to shine. Get HAPPY ‘n Stay TERRIFIC!

Ed Foreman
Earlene Vining
Linda Barrett
Phillip Hettich