I’m Alive! I’m Alert! I Feel Great!

Hi There! Y’all been wondering how I’m feeling? How does it look like I’m feeling? I’m feeling happy, healthy, and terrific! What a pleasure to see you. Ed Foreman here in Dallas.

Thanks for all of your wonderful cards, and letters, and telephone calls and happy thoughts. I’m feeling wonderful, recovered completely. To our friends from GIN, the Global Information Network, our Successful Life Course graduates, the people from Defender, the Institute for Management Studies, and ALL our other friends across America and around the world, Thank You for your thoughtful prayers and good wishes to me, and, Right Back At You! Good Wishes and Good Thoughts To You! I’m telling you right now I really believe in the positive energy that we received during some of the things that happened were helpful in my total and complete recovery. And I’m looking forward to seeing and visiting with you, talking to you, and us sharing the happy life for many years to come.

Thanks much! Keep Smiling! And Stay TERRIFIC!


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A Most Unusual Introduction

Tuesday, October 25, upon return from a 3-week tour of Europe, Ed Foreman, feeling less than his usual energetic self, and experiencing shortness of breath, went by the office of Dallas Dr. William Downs for a quick diagnosis… thinking he might be experiencing a touch of pneumonia.

Instead, the doctor told Ed that his breathing difficulty appeared to be a very low heart rate coupled with his long-diagnosed atrial fibrillation, and that he was at imminent health risk needing immediate attention.

Ed told him about his commitment to speak at the Global Information Network Convention here in the Bahamas today (Saturday, October 29, 2011)… and that upon his return to Dallas next week, he would schedule to meet with a cardiologist. The doctor replied solemnly, “You might not return to Dallas.” Insistent that he be seen by a cardiologist immediately, Dr. Downs put Ed in a wheelchair and pushed him down the hall for an EKG and evaluation by cardiologist, Dr. Larry Poliner… who confirmed the heart diagnosis… and recommended immediate surgery to implant a pacemaker into Ed’s chest.

“Which is more important, your life or a speaking commitment?,” the doctors asked. Ed said, “If you can perform the operation immediately and allow me to honor my commitment, I will agree to the operation.” At 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, less than 72 hours ago, Ed underwent surgery for a heart pacemaker implant and is here to keep his commitment.

Welcome, ED FOREMAN!

* * * * *

Ed spoke to the 2,000 attendees… an energetic 1-hour and 30-minute presentation, interrupted by 12 standing ovations… and continues his active travel and speaking schedule today… his 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course, motorcycle riding and related activities. He has NO plan to retire until he “kicks the bucket,” and is optimistic and hopeful that will not be anytime soon!

Ed Foreman Gets Motorcycle Riding Advice from a State Trooper

Ed says now he can ride 76 mph and is looking forward to 100 mph.


A short film about the magic of looking for the best in people.

This movie has played at 34 film festivals worldwide and won 17 awards.

Someday Syndrome by Ed Foreman

The Someday Syndrome by former US Congressman and speaking legend Ed Foreman. The Someday Syndrome is one of the most sad and tragic facts of life. You can avoid the syndrome, but you must take action before it’s too late.

From the DVD “Make Every Day a Terrific Day!“. Posted with Ed’s permission.

Three Feet from Gold with Ed Foreman

The book “Three Feet from Gold” expounds on the discoveries made by Napoleon Hill when he interviewed the wealthiest and most successful people of his era. This new classic in the making updates Hill’s findings by including insights from current captains of success, it also presents the principles in an accessible story.

For this book, author Greg Reid, with the aid of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, interviewed people who have achieved their goals and lived their dreams, including Ed Foreman (A millionaire and the only person in this century to be elected to Congress from two states).

Here is the interview with Ed Foreman:

A film by Jon Dixon
Music by Burnie Stevenson

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Is there something you’ve been wanting to do, but you don’t because you think you might fail? Check out these famous failures…