Cavett Robert

You Are Never Too Old To Find Your Calling

Cavett Robert

Cavett Robert 1907 - 1997

Most people in the world take a rather long time to find their niche in life. And that is if they ever really find it. People go from one profession to the next because they just are not happy with what they were doing before. There is one man that finally found his niche after the age of 60, and it was his motivation and determination that changed a lot of lives all over the world. This man is Cavett Robert.

Cavett Robert started out as a teacher after he graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1929. He then went on to installing gas lines in the area which he lived in. From there he studied law and became a lawyer. During his 30 years as a lawyer, he learned a lot about speaking because he was involved with a lot of public relations with the firms that he worked for. From this point, he got into selling real estate and cemetery plots.

While he was in this profession, his speaking to many people helped him to acquire sales skills as well as training skills. He used these skills in order to create a whole new type of profession. This profession came to be known as Motivational Speaking. Cavett Robert saw the impact that he had on people when he was able to speak. He was adamant on helping people learn to cope with their adversities and helping them to get the motivation to make a better life for themselves.

He started the National Speakers Association which is the association that helps to train speakers. He helped people learn to motivate others into believing their cup is half full instead of half empty. He lived his life wanting to help people and wanting to encourage them to do their best. He created the Cavett Award which is an award given to an individual professed the highest standards in his speaking. Cavett Robert was the first recipient of this award due to his motivational speaking to the public. He died in 1997 but the Cavett Spirit lives on through the organization and all the motivation that it gives to millions of people around the world.

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