Captain J. Charles Plumb

Charles Plumb
Charles Plumb was in the Vietnam War where he ended up being a POW or prisoner of war for almost 6 years. During his time as a war prisoner, he was a chaplain for the other prisoners. He was one man who fought the adversity in front of him and lived through this most undesirable time in his life. He has taken that adversity and turned it around to not only his advantage, but to millions of people who have listened to him and read his books. He speaks at seminars in order to uplift the audience in front of him.

Charles Plumb can make you feel like your life just isn’t so bad, and if you learn to think a different way about your life, it will end up much better. The main aspect about this man is the fact that he is just “one of us”. His seminars are straight forward and filled with comedy, sincerity, and nothing but motivation. He helps people to learn strategies in order to deal with the adversities that they are facing in their own lives. He speaks of his time as a POW and how he made it through.

During his time in the military, he has been granted many different honors such as the Purple Heart, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, a POW medal, and the Legion of Merit. However, he does not talk of these awards as showing how good of a person he is. He is very humble in the fact that he makes it through conflicts by thinking a certain way and by helping people. He teaches and motivates others to have this same thinking pattern. He speaks of himself as just an ordinary man who just took one day at a time while keeping faith that it will get better. You will definitely feel empowered after listening to one of his seminars.

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