Charles “Tremendous” Jones

An Inspiration

Charles Tremendous Jones

Charles 'Tremendous' Jones 1927 - 2008

If an inspirational speech is what you need to get your group motivated, then look no further than a speech by Charles “Tremendous” Jones. Charlie has been an inspiration to many over the years and his accomplishments tell you why. From his career as an insurance salesman to his founding of Life Management Services, the information that he has shared will affect countless lives for generations to come. Not only that, but his desire to share reading with the world has improved the future of past generations and will continue to do so.

Charles “Tremendous” Jones entered the insurance industry when he was only twenty-two. Just one year later, the agency awarded him the Most Valuable Associate Award and his amazing rise to the top was already well under way. Another ten years passed and he was again the beneficiary of a management award. This time he received the agency’s recruiting, manpower, development, and business management award. This is the highest award the company distributed, but his career was only beginning.

During 1965, at the age of 37, Charles Jones decided to start his own business. This became known as Life Management Services. With this company, he began doing seminars and consulting services to spread the knowledge he had gained. Not only has he, along with his wife, run this business Mr. Jones has also authored nine books about these subjects. One book alone, Life is Tremendous, has been translated into twelve languages and sold over two million copies.

Companies everywhere requested the honor of having Charles “Tremendous” Jones as a member. These include the International Platform Association, the West Shore Chamber of Commerce, Gideon’s and Christian Businessman’s Committee, the Speaker’s Roundtable along with National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. Yet, his accomplishments did not stop there. He also served as head of the Board of Associates and Chairman of the Development Committee of Messiah College as well as being a Director of Youth for Christ International.

The awards Charles “Tremendous” Jones received are too numerous to list. Among these awards are doctorates from various colleges, citations for dedicated service, man of the year awards and selected book awards. With all of these accomplishments, if a motivational speaker was needed, then Charles Jones was the man to handle the job. He has spoken his entire life, inspiring others to reach new heights. A speech delivered by this gentleman is one that the audience will never forget.

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