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Canny Cox
If you want to hear a significantly different speaker, then you should definitely call on Danny Cox. He is an accelerationist. This means that he is a person whose speeches will help his listeners to increase productivity, have higher efficiency, and cause faster movement in every aspect of their life. He was in the United States Air Force flying super sonic fighters that were all about speed and precision. He was in the Air Force for 10 years. After this, he joined one of the largest sales company in the nation.

During the time that he spent at this sales company, he became the Vice President due to his innovative sales processes, which helped the company to quadruple their current profit records. He then was appointed to teach the managers and department heads his leadership principles that got him to where he was. Because of the words that he spoke and taught, he helped the company to break all of their records and boost team productivity and morale to its absolute highest. The production of this company increased over 800 percent in the five years that Danny Cox was employed there.

Because of his talent in speaking and teaching business people his training program, he earned an award and was placed in the National Speaker Association Speaker Hall of Fame. He went on traveling all over the world giving his insights and knowledge on leadership skills and is still doing the same today. Once he unpacks his bags, there is always a phone call that has him packing them all over again. He has written several books that have become best sellers on the market today. Danny Cox hosts many different workshops and seminars that he has no problem selling out.

Danny Cox created many different learning tools that are not only taught by him but are also written in his best selling books. His books are written in 28 different languages because of their popularity. You will definitely want to have him be a big part of your business success.

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