Grant Teaff

Attitude Helped His Team Win The Game

Grant Teaff
Motivational speaking has been used in business, medicine, personal life strategies, and many other fields. Grant Teaff was a football coach who used motivational speaking for his players. He is now retired now but is still a huge part of the game of football. He is a big part of American Football Coaches Association by becoming the executive director. He takes part in help with consulting the NCAA as well as helping other coaches learn the main key to coaching their players.

Grant Teaff started out playing football, himself, at Snyder High School. He went on to play college football at San Angelo Junior College and McMurry University. From 1960 to 1965, he started his coaching career by being a head coach at McMurry University after being an assistant coach from 1956 to 1959. After this short term of head coach, he then moved onto Angelo State University where he was head coach from 1969 to 1971. He started getting the reputation as being able to motivate his players into wanting to win their games. Because of this reputation, he was called on by Baylor University in order to try and resurrect the football team that seems to just not want it anymore.

His work at Baylor University is what put his name on the books as being one of the great football coaches of all time. He took this non-winning, non-known team and turned it around. During his career with this university football team, he took them to winning Southwest Conference Championship, the Peach Bowl, the Liberty Bowl, the Blue Bonnet Bowl, and the John Hancock Bowl. Baylor University could never win against the University of Texas against the Texas Longhorns until Grant Teaff arrived. They won their first game against this team was in 1974.

Because of this major win against the Texas Longhorns, the first in over 17 years, the game was referred to as the “Miracle on the Brazos”. It was called this after the Brazos River which is right next to the Baylor campus. Once Grant Teaff left this coaching job, the Baylor football team’s record against Texas once again dropped and no games have been won for over 15 years. Grant had a way of speaking to his players that allowed them to want to win the game. He is better known for telling his players that he would keep the worms warm. He did this by eating a worm before the big games. The football team won that game 38-14.

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