Jim Cathcart

The “Fonzi” of the Business World

Jim Cathcart
If you want to hear from a motivational speaker who is known for being down to earth and telling it how it is, then you should definitely listen to Jim Cathcart. This man has made many accomplishments in his life and knows the adversity that we all face in our personal life and in business. In the earlier years of his career, he has been in many professions; He has been a truck driver, a door-to-door donut salesman, a bank teller, a salesperson of motorcycles, and a musician in beer pubs and nightclubs. You can just about say he has almost done it all.

However, Jim Cathcart is not the type of person to settle in. He was inspired to change his life the day that he heard Earl Nightingale on the radio in 1972. He had a passion to help people, so he learned everything that he could about self-improvement and psychology. From all the hard work that he did on gaining the knowledge of these two areas, he was able to boost his career from a clerk to manger, through to trainer and author, and finally to a very well known prestigious motivational speaker.

Jim Cathcart went on to win the Golden Gavel Award and been enlisted in the Speaker Hall Of Fame. He has earned these awards by being a motivational speaker that speaks from the heart. With his knowledge, personal insight and experience, and his passion for helping others, he has become one speaker who is sought after by many. In 2007, Jim was listed as being one of the top 100 motivational speakers on personal development. Excellence magazine game him this honor. In 2008, in was enlisted in the Legends Of The Speaking Profession Hall Of Fame.

Jim Cathcart founded the Cathcart Institute. This school is a leader in the education of motivation, training, and life strategies. The teachings of this school range from helping people to grow higher valued relationships, expanding relationship intelligence, and coaching professionals to succeed in their industry. It is a school for every facet of life be it personal or business. Jim believes that learning these strategies in every aspect of your life will make your dreams come true and help you to have fulfillment in your life. Jim is a very man with seminars and workshops constantly on his agenda as well as writing his books to get in touch with those people who want to take his teachings and motivation home.

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