Jim Tunney

A Leader In Motivational Speaking For Business And Sports

Jim TunneyYou will find that there are many motivational speakers who use their gift to teach and uplift millions of people in just about every industry as well as personal strategies. However, there is one motivational speaker who has accomplished so much in his lifetime when it comes to helping people, that he is one of the leaders. His name is Jim Tunney. His accomplishments, awards, and experience are too much to list in just one article. He has been an educator, coach, principle, superintendent, and on the Board of Trustees. He has also been a referee for the game of football and has been tagged as the “Dean of NFL referees”.

Jim Tunney has won the prestigious Cavett award which happens to be the Oscar award of motivational speaking. He has the gift of being able to motivate, teach, and entertain the people that he speaks to. He is currently in the profession of being a motivational speaker and has been since 1960. He is a part of the National Speakers Association and is the president of his own business called Jim Tunney Associates, Inc. He has involved himself in many organizations in the community in order to help people get motivated. There are many businesses and fortune five companies that hire him for their seminars that they give to their employees.

Jim Tunney is a big part in the sports world. His motivational speaking helps to not only motivate the coaches and players of the game, but also to give them new insight on the experience that he has had in the world of sports. He not only focuses on football, which is his main love, but he is also a big part of basketball and tennis. He involves himself as a referee, caller, and a field judge.

Jim Tunney is also a writer who has written many books that have found themselves on the top ten lists of motivational books used by personal consumers as well as business people alike. He has been on many different television shows spreading his gift to the world. Most people that you ask will know his name and know what he does for millions of people all around the world. He has backed up and supported many organizations such as the Boys Club of America, the United Way, the Family Service Agency, and the National Football Foundation. He is one man that will pave the way for helping people to succeed in whatever, they do, no matter how big or small that endeavor may be.

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