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Norman Brinker

Norman Brinker 1931 - 2009

If you want to hear from a person who knows the ins and outs of business, you should listen to the motivational words and teachings of Norman Brinker. He launched many different fast food chains that have become the largest fast food chains of today including Jack In The Box and Burger King. He was the founder of the salad bar that you find in many restaurants and fast food locations today. He recently passed away but he leaves a long list of experiences, teachings, and people who he helped become the best in their business.

Norman Brinker was a part of many different charities that he had a passion for. He created the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity in order to help women all around the world who are fighting breast cancer. His main goal in his life was to create a restaurant atmosphere for his customers that was comfortable and relaxing. He wanted them to have the choices that they have at home when making a meal for themselves. He wanted his customers to have the friendly face-forward customer service. These innovations that he created have become the cornerstone of the success of restaurants today.

It is believed that his biggest accomplishment of his career was the help that he gave to millions of people. He took his knowledge and his training in order to share with others who wanted to succeed in the restaurant business. He has trained many of the high executives that are in command today within the food industry. His motivation helped them to learn how to think the way he did, which is basically to make the customer as comfortable as possible. Because of the will that Norman Brinker gave to these people, they could make it big in their industry and create a wonderful life for themselves.

Some of the people that Norman Brinker helped did not follow his footsteps in the food industry. However, they took his motivation and used it for good in many other fields such as Human Resources, corporate and private investigations, and market research. It was this motivation that helped create the mystery shopping programs and customer satisfaction survey programs that you now see. He was a man with many ideas, and he wanted to spread his knowledge and love for business to every person that he met. Even though he is gone, there are still many that will learn from all the teachings that he offered.

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