Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel

Get Excited About Your Business And Life

Sheila Murray Bethel
If you want to get excited about your life and the business you are in, you should definitely take a look at Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel. She is an entrepreneur who has become very successful with her knowledge of communication, customer focus, and leadership. She is a best selling author of business books that have helped many organizations in their goals to have a successful Human Resources Department, increase their bottom line results, and be efficient in solving problems between people.

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel started her career by becoming a coordinator in an institute. This institute was in the business of teaching brain injured children to function again. She worked her way through the business grind as a single mother of two boys. She developed a sales career that became award winning. The success that she received gave her the ammunition to tell her story to other people who were struggling and trying to make it in life. This is how her speaking career started. She realized that people were listening to her words and finding inspiration in them.

Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel went on to achieve her PHD in communications. She became an associate member of several prestigious organizations such as the University of Southern California, Indiana Purdue University, and San Francisco University. She has four books on the market today that have become best sellers. They have been translated into several different languages. Her main focus has been on the youth of the country as well as the business practices that can be changed to become much more successful.

She has been inducted into several other organizations for her works such as the Speakers Hall of Fame. She was named one of the 21 Best Top Speakers of the 21st century. She is truly a person of value and she has the knowledge to back up everything that she speaks. She is able to speak to a group of people and have them leaving feeling excited and enthused about accomplishing their upcoming goals all due to the words given Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel.

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