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Tony Allesandra
“Your Words Are Your Wand! It is HOW a word is spoken that makes the difference.” Dr. Tony Allesandra commented this on his Twitter account in December of 2009. Dr. Allesandra should know, after all. He is widely known for public speaking. He has spoken in front of thousands of people, for companies such as IBM and First National Planners. He teaches, inspires, and motivates to action in words and tones. Reviews posted on his websites, including, repeatedly include upbeat hope and talk of change and motivation to make a difference.

He doesn’t just talk. He is not just a face. He’s not selling what someone else wrote. He’s also the writer of several published books. To date, Dr. Tony Allesandra has written 14 books. Some of the titles include Charisma, The Platinum Rule, Collaborative Selling, and Communicating at Work. Some of Tony’s books have been published in 11 different languages. He has also worked on several audio and video projects, such as Nightingale-Conant’s The Dynamics of Effective Listening, and Walt Disney’s Non-Manipulative Selling. The books and audio and video elements build upon what he talks about in his speeches, training company employees on techniques that have worked for thousands of other successful sales and marketing departments.

Dr. Tony Allesandra preaches what he knows. The street-wise graduate professor from New York City worked his way to an MBA from the University of Connecticut. Later on, he earned a PhD in marketing from Georgia State University. Inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985, he is still a member of the Speakers Roundtable, and counted among the top professional speakers in the world.

What could a man like this have to teach? Marketing is the key to many businesses. His books talk about communication, motivation and selling. How do you convince another company to switch to your services? How do you sell a product that never existed on the market before? How do you light up a client to become a loyal customer for life? These are among the many questions that Dr. Tony Allesandra would like to answer, and has answered, to thousands of people across the globe. He promotes what he calls “high-tech and high-touch” marketing. He extends it out not to just marketing, but through the sale, the service and running the business to build relationships, not just to make the sale. Upon listening and reading to the material, one quickly learns why he has fully earned the review and prestige that Tony has received.

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