Ty Boyd

One of the Greatest Speakers of Our Time

Ty BoydTy Boyd is unrivaled in his profession as a speaker. Not only is he convincing, but also engaging and entertaining, all while keeping his audience in rapture and waiting in anticipation of the next words of wisdom to leave his mouth. He’s not only a speaker, but an author as well and he has been extraordinarily successful at all he does and seems to be just getting started.

Founded by Ty Boyd, the Excellence in Speaking Institute® boasts thousands of graduates originating from over 40 countries. He also co-founded with his wife, Pat Boyd, the Ty Boyd Executive Learning Systems that teaches business execs the speaking skills he has mastered over the years. Using his skills, that he has honed by being a speaker for corporations such as Aetna, GM, CBS, IBM, Apple, he has become one of the few speakers in the world that have been awarded certain prestigious awards. Awards that include, The Cavett Award and he is also the recipient of the National Speaker’s Association’s 2005 Master of Influence Award. He is also an inductee into the Broadcast and Speakers Hall Fame and is a member of Speakers Roundtable, which is a great honor as the 20 speakers included are considered to be the best.

Other accomplishments include being an author and co-author of several well received books, dealing with, of course, speaking as well as leadership. Ty Boyd is the author of, Visions, From the Leaders of Today for the Leaders of Tomorrow, which finds him sharing his sharing his wisdom on leadership. He is also the co-author of several books, two of them being Insights Into Excellence and Speaking Secrets of the Masters both co-authored with Speakers Roundtable.

Ty Boyd has proven he is the one of the most charismatic, engaging entertainers of our time and just continues to get better. In the world of motivational speaking, he is unequaled and it seems he will remain so, as long he continues to do what he does best…motivate those where ever and whenever he speaks. No matter what he touches, it seems to turn to gold, whether it be founding institutes, writing books or speaking to a crowd.

Ty Boyd is featured on the following DVDs:

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1010 An Idea Whose Time Has Come 21:19 Preview » $17.00 Add To Cart »
1043 One of Those Days 21:42 Preview » $17.00 Add To Cart »
1057 Survival and Prosper Skills 21:41 Preview » $17.00 Add To Cart »
1092 Uniqueness, Creativity, and Responsibility 21:48 Preview » $17.00 Add To Cart »


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