Victor Kiam

I liked the product so much I bought the company!

Victor Kiam

Victor Kiam 1926 - 2001

There are many entrepreneurs in today’s world that have been a great success and have helped many other people become successes as well. However, there is one All-American entrepreneur that busted all the records. This man was Victor Kiam. He was a great business man and also the owner of the New England Patriots from 1988 to 1991. He received much of his learning from attending colleges such as the Harvard Business School, Sorbonne, and Yale. He started out as a salesperson for prestigeous companies such as Playtex and Lever Brothers.

Victor Kiam made his fortune when he became CEO and President of Remington Products. He purchased this company after his wife had bought him his first electric razor, and he was so impressed with the product. He became famous for purchasing the Remington company because he created the catch phrase “I liked it so much, I bought the company!”. He was the spokesperson for the company and everybody knew who he was. He also operated two subsidiaries, which included TravelSmart and Ronson. In 1994, he sold the controlling interest of his Remington Products company to Isaac Perlmutter.

Because of his actions with the Remington Products company, other customers who ended up buying the companies were said to be “Doing the Victor Kiam”. This is still said in today’s business world.

Victor Kiam last lived in West Palm Beach in Florida. He was the entrepreneur of the ages who would not stop until he succeeded. He not only created his own success, but he inspired many people that he met along the way to reach their goals and dreams of their own.

Times magazine quoted Jonathon Lyons, who was one of Victor’s closest associates, saying he was “a truly remarkable entrepreneur of the old kind – the kind they simply don’t make any more”. Victor Kiam also wrote several best selling business books.

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