Does It Have Any “Long Term” Lasting Benefit?

According Paul Thayer, former Chairman and C.E.O. of LTV Aerospace Corp, it does!


Dear Ed:

It’s hard to believe but it’s been almost a quarter of a century since we first met. In looking back on that part of my life, I must conclude that no other one person, other than my wife, Margery, has exerted such a positive influence on me, particularly during some pretty dark days that now we hardly remember. And, it’s about time I told you so.

In the late sixties not too long after we met, as you will remember, I accepted your invitation to spend a long weekend in Kerrville attending my first SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course. By Sunday afternoon, you and Earlene had managed to persuade me that I was not quite as motivated as I thought I was. The most impressive result of the entire three-day event, however, was to watch some rather shy, not-so-confident members of the class emerge as laughing, living, and loving personalities ready to take on all the challenges they had been holding in the background.

At this point, I was the Chairman of LTV/Aerospace Corp. and succeeded in convincing some of my associates that they too should plan to spend a weekend in Kerrville. Many of the executives were less than enthusiastic about the prospect before going but returned convinced. As the word got around and “I’m Terrific” became a password in the hallways, the follow-on groups got their own momentum. Needless to say, many of the problems that faced LTVAC in those days were met with much more force and finesse than before we were injected with “Foreman’s Formidable Formula.”

Then in June of 1970, I was “anointed” by the LTV Board to the Chairman and CEO of the parent company. I didn’t really want the job because I was having a lot of fun in the aerospace business. I was convinced it was the right change to make, however, when a couple of the Board members mentioned that if I didn’t accept their offer, they would have to hire me a boss and I might not like him.

Well as you know, at the time LTV had a lousy financial picture – roughly two billion dollars in debt; negative cash flow; under collateralized; unable to service debt and in technical default with the banks. So among other things, we exposed many of our management people to the “Foreman Magic” and two years later, we were profitable with most of our financial problems well on the way to being solved.

So, in looking back about 23 years, Ed Foreman, it’s clear that you have been a moving, tangible force in my life. And along with a few thousand others, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a great and dear friend.

Signed Paul Thayer
Paul Thayer

Mr. Ed Foreman, President
Executive Development Systems
14135 Midway Road, Suite 250, L.B. #7
Dallas, Texas 75244

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  • ellie koutek says:

    Good morning Ed,
    I got your cds at a garage sale a few yrs ago, brought them home and my husband and I and my sister laughed our heads off at them. I agree fully with your ideas and was brought up by a Mom who always taught me to count my blessings and look on the bright side of life. She was amazing and I will always be so thankful to have had her (and a very hardworking but maybe not so fun Dad 😉 I found your site yesterday and signed up for your newsletters. So today you want to know what goooood things have been happening in my life. Well, my husband got word that his father was in the hosp in Fl and that left his sickly Mom home alone, so being the good son he is he got on a plane the next morning and flew down there from Mn for ten days. Sooooo……….I got on the phone to my dearest friend in Johnson City, Tx and said she should fly up for the week, which she did!
    We had a great girl week and a girl party on that sat night. I was there in feb and never dreamt we would be able to see each other again so soon but that’s what happens when good friends put their heads together!!! Then she left on wed and my Sweetie came home on thurs and it has been so good to have him home again too. So, that is what really good stuff has been happening here in Minnesota. Oh, and we listened to your cd while she was here too.

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