Earlene’s 12 Habit Patterns of Winners

  1. Don’t condemn, criticize or complain… Think of ways to improve the situation. The big rewards are paid for finding the solution, not the difficulty.
  2. Show real, honest and hearty appreciation… let others know they are loved.
  3. Think good thoughts about other people… and yourself.
  4. Give before you get. Always give others a reason to agree with you before asking anything of them. (If there were a way that YOU…)
  5. Smile often… it generates enthusiasm, friendliness and goodwill.
  6. Remember names. A person’s name is the sweetest, most important sound he hears and instantly captures his attention each time it is used.
  7. Be an effective communicator by listening. Encourage others to talk about themselves by asking questions. (When, Where, Who, What, How, WHY?)
  8. Think, Act and Look happy and successful… and you will begin to think, feel, and actually become HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL.
  9. Never engage in worry conversations or participate in gossip sessions.
  10. Always greet others with a positive, cheerful statement… not the question, “How are you?”
  11. Respond to another’s question, “How are you?” with an enthusiastic, meaningful “TERRIFIC!”
  12. Look for and expect GOOD things to happen to you… inquire of others: “What GOOD things are happening with you today?”
Earlene Vining

Earlene Vining, Executive VP, Executive Development Systems Inc

4 Responses to Earlene’s 12 Habit Patterns of Winners

  • Mark says:

    Dear Earlene,Thank you for the 12 habit patterns of winners.I’m looking forward to seeing you in arlington,Va on the 22nd.”Have a terrific day”…….Mark

  • Sophonie blanc says:

    Hey Ms. Earlene!!!! Would love to attended the refresh course. Please email me the dates or whatever i need to get signed up and ready to go. By the way, this was the best experience ever!

  • Keith Walsh says:

    Dear Earline, I first learned about Executive Development Systems over thirty years ago from a friend. I have used the 12 habits as I first heard them as a method of improving your memory. They are great! Imagine my excitement when I goggled “Executive Development Systems” and found you again! I am now on your mailing list and look forward to many years of positive inspiration.
    Thanks so much to you and Ed and everyone there.

  • Earlene Vining says:

    Great to hear that you have used the Twelve Habit Patterns so effectively for so long, Keith. Keep up the good work! The more you apply the principles, the better they work; so keep that positive, happy attitude! Stay Terrific!

    Earlene Vining

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