Ed Foreman Health Report Nov 29 2011

Ed, as you may be aware, has had some recent heart challenges…low heart rate accompanied by a long-history of atrial fibrillation. Through his lifestyle program of vigorous exercise, responsible eating practices, and reduced stress, he has handled it without major challenge until most recently.

On October 25th, Ed received a pacemaker implant (see A Most Unusual Introduction).

Presently, he is undergoing tests in preparation for open heart surgery on December 13th for by-passes and valve repair and/or replacement. He has the very best, most respected medical specialists and heart surgeon, Dr. Todd Dewey, who will be conducting the procedure at Medical City Hospital in Dallas.

Ed is optimistic and confident about the event and is enthusiastically looking forward to a restoration of his vibrant, active lifestyle. He is deeply grateful for your support, friendship and prayers. We will keep you advised of his progress and activities.

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  • carolyn says:

    I’ve already marked the 13th on my calendar & will send positive thoughts your way & to all the staff caring for you!

    I KNOW you’ll feel Terrific in no time!! :)

  • Lynn Trojahn says:

    Hi Ed,

    ACCION client, Cecelia Dardanes, told me about what’s happening in your life. Only you could have this kind of surgery be an opportunity for inspiration! :)

    It’s been reassuring to read your messages about this process and I know you’ll come out of surgery stronger and with an even greater capacity to do good for all you touch and work with!

    All of us at ACCION will be behind you, thinking about you, and pulling for your speedy recovery so you’re back with us doing what you do best — motivating, inspiring and making an impact!

    With love, Lynn

  • Jim Gibson says:

    If there ever was a gentlemen that could motivate, inspire, educate, and get people off the couch and on the road to health, wealth, and happiness it is Ed. For many years he has provided me with the skills, mindset, and humor to become a leader in my field and expertise and when I won the State Award as the best in my field, and I shared it with Ed, giving him the credit for my success, he was very appreciate and humble and even sent me a congratulatory letter. This is just a speed bump in the path of life and Ed will use it to encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle. On December 13th I will have a healing candle lit and prayers presented to the Creator for Ed to have not only successful surgery, but a fast and safe recovery. May the joy that you have given be returned a million times over. You truly are, the master of successful daily living.

  • Rose Mozingo says:

    I will say a prayer everyday for you. I have no doubt that you will be just fine and that you will be able to return to your active life. You are a very awesome person and I will have you in my thoughts everyday. I am very proud to know you Ed.

    Rose Mozingo

  • Hamid says:

    Ed, I hope you are recovering quickly. Thinking of you every day, starting with the morning walk. Am sure you know that you have been and continue to be very close to all us for all these years. Get well and get back on that bike for another vibrating ride, will you?

    Take care,

  • Dorothy Hardie says:

    Dear Ed:

    You have been such an inspiration. In May or June of 1988 at Emerald Lake, BC, I was privileged to attend a TERRIFIC weekend full of inspirational and motivational teachings from you and Arlene (?). It was amazing. You are amazing.

    Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  • Pam says:

    A blessing for Ed on December 13th…May the magnificent power of God lift you up and renew your health to its awesome and energizing maximum potential. May his divine wisdom be with your health care team, and his faithful peace and comfort be with you and your family. I am sure you will feel like a “million bucks”, very soon!

  • Many blessings, prayers and positive thoughts for Ed. Speedy recovery and happiness to the many years ahead. We all care and love you much! Thank you for all your past years of encouragement and wisdom.

    Prayers and Love,

    Juan and Karen

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