Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 12 2011

Ed is on schedule for the heart procedure to fix his heart valve, bypasses, etc., tomorrow morning (December 13th). He is appreciative and grateful for your many positive notes, prayers, and words of encouragement.

He laughingly asked the surgeon about the possibility of a heart transplant from a young, healthy billy goat…but together, they have not yet located a “donor”! It is expected that Ed will be in the intensive care unit (ICU) for 3 or 4 days following the operation…then, perhaps about 8 weeks of rehabilitation and recovery.

Ed expects to be back in action, speaking, teaching, traveling and motorcycling with renewed energy and vitality by or before March 1st. We will keep you updated on his progress.

35 Responses to Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 12 2011

  • Anna says:

    Wishing you quick recovery and great health! Can’t wait to see you on stage again!

  • Best wishes Ed and hope you have a TERRIFIC and speedy recovery.

  • The Thompson Team wishes you the a speedy recovery!!

  • Sue says:

    All of my thoughts and prayers are with you for a quick recovery!

  • Scott Meide says:

    You’ll get through this just fine and look forward to seeing you again on stage! Have fun with your rehab and remember it’s going to get better and better and better!!!


  • Aleasha Maxie says:

    Praying for you! God’s got you, knowing you will have a speedy recovery!

  • JOHN PILLOW says:

    Ok, Ed.

    You got me up and going up the hill in Kerrville is 8 weeks, let’s go do it again.

  • Mike Hinrichsen says:

    Ed, we at Caterpillar will have you in our hearts and prayers. I look forward to seeing you when you are back. You Are Terrific!

  • Kathleen says:

    God bless you Ed! We are all praying for you!

  • mike says:

    Ed , my positive thoughts and preys are with you , a speedy recovery is in order for you!! look foward in seeing you at a GIN EVENT soon!!!

    p.s. or Wasilla Alaska


  • David Miller says:

    Ed… Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you. I look forward to your speedy and full recovery. You are Awesome!

  • David Adcock says:

    Please let Ed know that he is in my prayers.

    David Adcock

  • Hi Ed:

    I was on my way to the Dr. Morter seminar in Orlando when I got notified of your upcoming procedure so I told him about your situation and he announced it to the group of about one hundred attendees and we all sent you lots of positive energy for tomorrow morning. On a more personal note I will have you in my heart and prayers and want to wish you a speedy recovery. Remember stay TERRIFIC and keep smiling!!!

  • Peter Geier says:

    Ed, don’t laugh too hard while they execute the operation so they stay on track! We all will be thinking of you and sending high vibe’s from the GIN cruise in January – in case you do not make that!

    Love and Joy

    Peter & Nongnuch Geier

  • Sandy Hackenwerth says:

    Wishing you a Terrific Day, All Day, Every day – toward a speedy recovery.

    Keep smiling and joking – it’s good therapy.

    Best wishes for a healthy 2012.

    Sandy Hackenwerth

  • John Foster says:

    Ed, may be time to trade the motorcycle in on a new bull dozier since they go slower. I wish you well. John

  • Ed Rapp says:

    Ed, we are expecting a full recovering. Still a lot of lives you need to touch and change (like you did mine). All the best. Ed

  • Amber says:

    Dear Ed,
    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for a successful procedure and rapid recovery…
    Thank YOU for all you have done! :)

  • Cheri Montgomery says:

    Best wishes to someone who always brings others up. You are such a blessing. Prayers are with you.

  • Rick Montoya says:

    Ann and I heard of your upcoming surgery and wanted to wish you our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. You have been a profound influence in my life and I appreciate your contageous TERRIFIC attitude!!! Keep smiling!
    Rick and Ann Montoya

  • David Viens says:

    May you have a speedy recovery Ed!

  • Claudia says:

    ED, we are praying for you and know you will have a speedy recovery and soon be back changing more lives! God Bless you! Claudia

  • Craig Perry says:

    Our thoughts and prayers for a quick & successful recovery from “sunny” Down Under Ed.
    (actually it’s pouring with rain at present but a balmy 22 degrees C)

    Best wishes

    Craig Perry & the
    Allstates DCP Marketing Services team
    Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

  • Mark Breen says:

    I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a healthy New Year!

  • Paul Oelrich says:

    Saying prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

  • Charles says:

    Ed My Prayer is for a speedy recovery. I know you will come out Smiling with a Zipper on your chest to show off like my father-law did. May GOD Bless You!
    Charles and Cathy McGee

  • Elijah J Rich says:

    I can just picture Ed jumping out of bed the next day and get a group of people to walk around the hospital ward.

  • athina says:

    good luck and lots of love for your surgery and recovery!
    from sunny Greece

  • Hi Ed

    Our whole family is inspired by your work and we all watched your TERRIFIC DVD last week – you have enriched the lives of so many people around the world and we can’t wait to see you again at a GIN meeting!

    Love David, Jane, Charlotte and George

  • Gregory Simmons says:

    My prayers are with Ed and his family. I know that Ed will come through this even more powerful than he was going in. That is Ed Foreman. May your life be long and prosperous.

  • Dana Bowles says:

    God Bless You!! I am certain that you will have a speedy recovery, you are such a Strong and Vibrant man. I look forward to see you at next years Defenders Convention!!

  • Dana Bowles says:

    God bless you Ed. .I hope you have a speedy recovery.. you are such a strong and vibrant man.. I look forward to seeing you at next years Defender Convention!

  • Ed wish you a speedy recovery all will be well. Wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May God Bless You.

  • Corey Allshouse says:

    Dr. Ed, I’m sending prayers and healing vibrations your way everyday!
    The road of recovery may be rough but you are STILL on your journey and looking down at the grass.

    YOU CAN DO IT and I’ll see you again soon my friend.

  • Nicole Poulet says:

    Ed Foreman I have never met you but look forward to doing so in 2012. I had cut out from 1 of GIN newsletters your tremendously powerful phrases like ” I am alive, I am alert, I feel great” Thank you Ed for your irresistable laughter, you give all of us such a lot but all I can do is send you, from the UK, my very best wishes for a total recovery. Thinking of you with much appreciation.

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