Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 13 2011

Ed came through his surgery very well today and met the doctor’s expectations. His recovery is progressing well, and he will be enjoying his morning “walk-about” starting on Wednesday morning. He’ll be in ICU for about three days and then in the hospital for a total of about ten days.

We’ll keep you posted as the doctors and nurses get him back up and running. Your continued good thoughts and prayers are sincerely appreciated. As it is impossible for us to respond to all your wonderful notes, please know that each message is read, and Ed will see them as his recovery progresses and know how many wonderful friends he has!

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  • Praying for you! Know that you are loved by many. I still read your brochures from 15 years ago. And think of you often fondly. Love, Trisha

  • Ashley Walls says:

    So glad to hear the surgery went well! Sending positive thoughts your way for a speedy recovery!

  • Peggy Schumann says:

    Absolutely Terrific!!!!!!!!

  • Ed,
    We want you to know that everyday since we met you in the Bahamas we spring up out of bed and say “today is gonna be a good day”! You have truely made a profound impact on our lives and so today we want to do something for you…we are sending possitive thoughts and love your way to raise you up and let you know that the good Lord isn’t finished with you yet! We pray for your speedy recovery and a long life for you to Live, Laugh and love.
    We love you!

  • Jeff Smith says:

    Ed, your presentation at the GIN family reunion a month and a half ago was truly inspiring. After going through what you did and then jumping on a plane to come and deliver the most powerful presentation I’ve ever seen from you was awe inspiring.

    You lead by your actions. And through your actions, you show me that I can accomplish anything and that NOTHING can stand in my way. I am forever blessed to be learning from you. You are an angel walking among us.

    Thank you for all you do and have a Terrific and speedy recovery!
    Sincerely, Jeff Smith

  • Norrene Heine says:

    prayers for a speedy recovery and a terrific and blessed christmas and New year.

  • Zak Ali says:

    Peace be upon you guys.

    Congratulations Ed! You are truly blessed with Life and Success. God is the Greatest and it is He who causes you to be blessed with great health and life.

    I pray that Almighty God, glory be to Him, the Most High, grant you a speedy and full recover.

    You are one of my greatest mentors. Thank you for caring, laughing, living and loving!

    God Bless You Ed!

    Your GIN brother who hugged you at Bahamas after coming off stage for being recognized as Plutonium! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!
    Zak Ali
    Platinum (Level 4)

  • Ed, praying for you and know in my heart that you have already told someone, “I’m terrrrrrrrrrfic”, and my friend you are! You are a terrific person, a terrific friend and a terrific Christian.

    Love and prayers.


  • Start chasing those female nurses, just don’t catch them, you wont remember what to do when you catch them.

    I look forward to your escape from the hospital so we can take a walk

    Have a Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemendous Day my friend.

  • Jim Bennett says:


    I was sorry to hear that you were having some challenging health issues, but thrilled to hear that the surgery went well. You are way too tough to keep down!!

    I was on the phone the other day with a man in Arizona and he used the word “Terrific”. I didn’t say anything to him then, but later in the week, I called him back and ask him if he happened to know a man named Ed Foreman? Naturally he said that he did knew both you and Earlene very well! We laughed and both commented about what a positive force you’ll had been in out individual worlds. It was Michael Higdon with American Coin and Bullion in Flagstaff, Az.

    Get well soon and thanks for being such a positive force for all of us!!!

    Jim Bennett

  • Michael Milinovich says:

    Thrilled that the surgery went well. Sending you all the good vibrations we can muster. We really appreciate the impact you have had on our lives and cant bear to think about losing you. Pleae take care and get well soon. Take care of yourself, but dont believe everything MDs tell you. They are just legal drug pushers. Make sure that you really need the drugs and have a talk with Dr. C for a second opinion. Take care!

  • mike says:

    GO ED!!! we all love you, great to hear your recovering quickly !!

  • Aloha Ed! It was Terrific to speak to you on Monday. As predicted, you have come through with flying colors! No surprise as you can’t keep a Good Man Down!

    Imagine our running into the women in Costco and her recognizing us from the Ed Foreman Course 20 years ago!? This is the kind of positive impact you have had on so many people over the years. We chatted with her and mentioned we would pass on her Good Wishes to you. Kathy Frieson from Calgary.

    Sending you lots of sunshine and Aloha for the Best Recovery!

    Love Marilyn & Don

  • Gail Schultz says:

    Hi Ed, All the best for a speedy recovery. I’ve never met you, I have listened to you many times on the GIN Website. Thank you for all you terrific words of encouragement. I know that you will be up and about in time.

    All the best for a very Happy Holiday season, and New Year as well.




  • Keith says:

    I appreciate you keeping us updated. Thank you.
    I’ve never met you Ed but I have been inspired by you and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    God bless.

  • Travis Harkins says:

    Not a day goes by that I do not think of the great times with you and Earlene at your seminar. Not many people in this world have had such a positive influence on some many people. You are so genuine 24/7 and have such a way with words, that sometimes I catch myself laughing at some of the things you have said. Best wishes on your speedy recovery. You can soon drive your motorcycle 78 MPH, but I want to be around the day you hit 100 mph.

    Best of luck. We all think of you often and really appreciate what you have done for so many people in our company.

  • Gregory Simmons says:

    Ed, I am so glad that this day is finding you having a great day.You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I think about you every day and the profound effect you have on my life. You were fantastic at the GIN Family Reunion in the Bahamas, as you always are. I use your daily guide to having a wonderful day each day. It is all in the attitude and always looking for and finding the gold. There is really not that much dirt out there to dig through once you start seeing all of the gold sparkling everywhere in this wonderful gift of life that we have. Man, what a gift it is! It is wonderful to get to really enjoy it and know that we have 100% responsibility for it all.Thank you again so much for all of the joy and awakened life that you give topeople every where you go. I always look forward to hearing your bright and cheerful voice and outlook. Keep on keepin on my friend!!!

  • Bill Woods says:

    Dear Ed,

    Greetings from The Cold ‘n Wet … I mean The Golden West! I know that everyone who has had the good fortune of being in your presence here in Seattle is wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of Good Cheer throughout the Holidays.

    All the best,

  • PIERRE says:


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