Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 16 2011

Good news! Ed was moved this morning from ICU to a private room at Medical City Hospital in Dallas with limited visitation. He’s doing very well, but still needs lots of rest and recovery time; so your understanding that your wonderful, thoughtful notes are not being responded to is sincerely appreciated. Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers!

10 Responses to Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 16 2011

  • Jeanie Figgins says:

    Get well soon! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! May you be well enough to enjoy Christmas!

  • Mayra Acosta says:

    Get well soon Ed, I saw you at the Family Reunion 2011, Bahamas you look great,My Prayers and thoughts are with you and yours.

  • Ross Buhrdorf says:

    Get well soon and i look forward to going for a run with you in the new year.

  • Traci DeSpain says:

    That is TERRIFIC!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that he is doing well. Our prayers are with him and we are sending BIG well wishes from the GIN Store!!!!

  • Tony Ferrante says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery, Ed! All the best.

  • Anthony Estrada says:

    Anthony Estrada I will send positive thoughts out in to the universe in the form of prayer my GIN brother… This is NO Texas tale!

  • Terrific! Will keep the prayers going and trusting that you will be “sprung” very soon.

    Love and prayers,


  • Gregory Simmons says:

    Ed, you are a winner. I saw you in the Bahamas at Family Reunion and you looked great then. I knew that you would recover faster than anyone else. It sounds like you will be out running soon and ready for a great Christmas. I wish you the very best and you are in my prayers. Keep on laughing, loving and living. I wish you and your family a great Christmas and a great dealof Love!

  • John Cox says:

    May the man who saved my LIFE be back in the saddle soon. Thank you Ed. Blessings from above. JC

  • Ed
    I have and will continue to send prayers to you. You are well, Ed, you are well. And I thank the Universe for your wellness.

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