Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 30 2011

Ed is doing very well… He’s been out of the hospital since December 21st, has been in and out of the office since the first day he was out of the hospital, and is enjoying the Christmas holiday season with his family. We’re enthusiastically anticipating that he’ll be back in full form and going strong by on or before our March 7-9 SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course in Indiana. He’s still needing to take it a little easier than normal, but he’s making terrific progress in his recovery.

Your continued friendship and concern are most sincerely appreciated!
Keep Smiling and Stay TERRIFIC!

10 Responses to Ed Foreman Health Update Dec 30 2011

  • Peggy Schumann says:

    Take it easy Ed, glad you’re feeling Super Terrific and hoping you’re gooder and gooder every day!

  • Zak Ali says:

    Praise the Lord! we are all excited by the news!
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year with Abundance of great Health, Knowledge and Wealth!

  • Joann Lysiak says:

    We love you. You have touched my life since I met you at the Cancun GIN launch. Take the time you require to heal….we will be there waiting for you with lots of love to shower on you. I love hearing your “hit song” over and over…it is amazing how I always hear something brand new every time I listen. Thank you Ed. Happy New Year!
    Joann Lysiak

  • Susan Eben says:

    We are glad you are doing Gerrr….iffic!
    Hugs and Prayers.

  • Claudia Bataska says:


    We love you and can’t wait to see you again at a GIN event. You were totally awesome at Family Reunion! What a terrific role model you are for us! Take care….have a terrific day!

  • David Adcock says:

    Things must be getting Better and Better everyday in everyway because I awakened this morning thinking about you. I’ll take that as a sign that your going to have a goood day today!
    Thanks Ed for being you.

  • Jonathan Woodliff says:

    I have been listening to a recording of you at the Family Reunion Ed! I love it! You’re Terrific!!! I will see you at a GIN event very soon!

    Jonathan Woodliff

  • Ed Gresham says:

    Grrreattt News ! You are such an inspiration to us all. Keep going strong. Remember the time in Kerrville when we had the class play tricks on you. You are soooo Gooooood !

  • Glenn says:

    Brother – we have never met but there is something I am compelled to share. Everyday for the past five years – whenever anyone has asked me how I am doing, I have given the same answer…”I am Fantastic”. It is not only somehting I say, but also the way I feel. I have not had one bad day in five years. That said – I believe what have going on is possible for everyone.

    God Bless


  • Ann Palormo says:

    Hi Ed,

    I just heard the news yesterday that your body tried to slow you down for a few weeks. I know nothing can quell your spirit, enthusiasm, and love of life and the people in it! I hope you return to full (or greater) strength and are back on the road sharing your positive message with the world.

    Hope to see you in New Mexico again soon!
    Ann P.

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