Ed Foreman Shares His TERRIFIC Message With The Global Information Network

Ed Foreman has been sharing the successful daily living principles with leaders from throughout the United States and around the globe through a series of full-day seminars recently conducted for the Global Information Network (GIN) in Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando, et al.

Ed also keynoted an outstanding meeting in October for the Global Information Network Family Reunion at The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island in The Bahamas and will be joining the teaching staff for their two luxury cruise/learning experiences to the Caribbean on the Majesty of the Seas out of Miami in late January 2011.

The Global Information Network is a members-only global association of like-minded individuals who wish to hone their skills to achieve financial independence, wealth creation, dynamic health, and emotional well-being. What an outstanding, dynamic group of leaders Ed and his associate, Earlene Vining, have met and worked with through this organization who are already successful but looking to continually improve their knowledge and skills through continuing education and inspiration. They are prime examples of individuals who wish to remain “green and growing” rather than becoming “ripe and rotting”!

Ed and Earlene continue to share the message of happy, healthy, successful living with leaders throughout the world

Ed Foreman with Global Information Network

Shown above at a meeting of the Global Information Network at The Atlantis Resort,Paradise Island, The Bahamas, are Jeffrey Devine, Ed Foreman, Deno Andrews, Blaine Athorn, and Kevin Trudeau

Earlene Vining with Global Information Network

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Earlene Vining, Dr. Ted Morter and Jena Morter.

GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Ed Foreman on the GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Ed Foreman on the GIN Leadership Bahama Cruises January 2011

Here’s what attendees had to say:

(GIN member’s names are not released)

It was wonderful to see you Ed – YOU ARE TERRIFIC!

You were amazing to listen to… I have been enjoying your “daily menu”. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

It was amazing and empowering!!

Ed! Thank you so much! You are absolutely incredible! A terrific inspiration!

Thank You Ed! Again you lit me on fire with your amazing presence… Thank you, Thank You for the incredible experience!!

Simply put, You’re absolute awesomeness!

Thanks Ed for the vibrant presence on the cruise. You are so inspiring! Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!

It was so wonderful to meet you, Ed. You are truly so inspirational and uplifting. Thank you for the Daily Menu! I’m having a terrific day! So grateful to have been there and absorbed your energy.

Keep doing what you are doing…you are a fantastic inspiration to so many of us!

2 Responses to Ed Foreman Shares His TERRIFIC Message With The Global Information Network

  • Hey there Ed,

    Much love my friend, thank you for sharing so much at the Leadership Cruise I can’t wait to see you again. You know everyone was talking before the Cruise that you save the best for last…

    But I think getting that information early on was way better then waiting another week 😉 – enjoy your 2nd Cruise I know it will be just as awesome!

    My next big laugh is dedicated to you!

  • Ron Jackson says:

    Ed is truly a man who knows how to make each day count. When he spoke to Albertsons team member in the early part of 2000 my life was change positively change forever. God bless ED. RON JACKSON

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