Ed Foreman’s “Surprise” 80th Birthday Party

Ed Foreman Surprise 80th Birthday Party

On December 14th, 2013 Earlene Vining organized a black tie party at the Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, Texas to celebrate Ed Foreman’s 80th birthday.

The party was a complete surprise to Ed and a great success with old and new friends from around the Country including some old friends who go all the way back to his Congressional days.

Happy Birthday Ed!

(click an image below to see the larger picture)

3 Responses to Ed Foreman’s “Surprise” 80th Birthday Party

  • Linda (Foreman)Finch says:

    Happy Birthday Ed,Hope your haveing a Terrific time an Love the picturess.

  • cacilda Pinto says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed!!!
    I saw you at the Cruise in the Bahamas on January 2013 and I was in awe. You’re an inspiration!!! I laughed so much that my stomach hurt…. that was fun!!!
    May God bless you with many more years of laughter, loving and happy living!!!

  • Ron Jackson says:

    Earlene you are truly Terrific. God Bless you and Ed.

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