Enjoy Life Now!

by Ed Foreman

My mission is to do whatever I can to encourage, persuade, and inspire myself, my family, my friends, my associates, and others to live a happy, abundant life. And, whenever I do it, it bounces right back on me. It’s been said that listening to me is like drinking from a fire hose. Well, you can’t run a fire hose without getting pretty wet yourself. It splatters back on me.

I stay perky. I stay prepared. And that’s why it’s easy to be prosperous. I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m terrific. And I help others to do the same thing. The interesting thing about it is… Whatever we think about, whatever we put into our minds, is exactly what we tend to become. I’m happy to see programs that help people to nourish their minds with positivity. So many times we hear about what’s wrong with our community, or our society, or our government, or the world, rather than thinking about who we are, where we’re going, what we want to make happen in our own lives. When we’re tuned in to the happy, positive, and constructive end result we’re more apt to guarantee that in our lives.

I tell people, Enjoy life now! It has an expiration date. You gotta get excited! You gotta get turned on! You may not be around tomorrow. People say, “If only I’d done this…”, “If only I’d done that…” or “Someday I’m gonna…” If onlys and somedays don’t exist for me. Live it up, baby!

If you want your life to get better, don’t expect the company to do it for you. If you want your life to get better, all you have to do is get better yourself. And how do you get better yourself? By what you read, what you listen to, and the people with whom you associate. As you begin to upgrade what you put in, you upgrade what you put out. If getting by is what you hold in your mind, getting by is what you’ll experience in your life. But if health, and happiness, and a good place to live, and a comfortable automobile, and adventure and travel is what you hold in your mind, that’s what you’ll experience.

What we’ve done over the years is show people how, by what they read, what they listen to, the people they associate with, begins to alter the way that they live. One of the most important ingredients to that is the way they talk to themselves. Most people are the worst conversationalists with themselves. They put themselves down. “Oh, I don’t think that’s gonna work… I fear this… I fear that…” We say listen to yourself. Start giving yourself some positive self-talk warm-ups like “I’m alive! I’m alert! I feel great!” Some people say, “do you really say that?” Yes, of course you do! You may not believe it at first. But the more you say it, the more you begin to feel it. The more you begin to feel it, the more you begin to become that way. So, the first thing whenever you get out of bed in the morning say “I’m alive! I’m alert! I feel great!” Splash a little water in your face. Turn on some happy positive upbeat instrumental music. Whatever you do, don’t turn on the radio or the television news. Start listening to something good and wholesome and positive and you’ll feel better as a result of it.

Sometimes people say to me, “I suppose you’d be happy and confident and cheerful and positive and enthusiastic if your spouse has just walked out on you, or if you just lost your job.” Well, some people might be if it was their spouse situation, but I say you’re happy and enthusiastic ONLY if you desire reconciliation with your spouse or ONLY if you want to remarry or ONLY if you desire to get a job equal to or better than the one you had. If you go around complaining and whining and criticizing your former spouse or telling everyone how unfair and inconsiderate and no good and difficult that person was, do you think they’ll want to marry you? If you criticize and complain loud and long enough, they’ll know why that person left you. No prospective new employer will want to hire you if you’re critical and condemning and remorseful about your previous employer. So what happens is, the more positive you are, the more saleable you are. The more positive you are, the more likely you are to get the result you want.

As you think these thoughts, as you hold these visions in your mind, life gets better and better!

Keep Smiling! Stay Happy, Healthy, and TERRIFIC!

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