Enjoy the Ride!

Enjoy the Ride!

Sometimes we get so caught up in getting things done that we forget to enjoy the process that leads to accomplishment.

There was a movie a year or so ago (I won’t tell you the name of the movie so I don’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet). The teacher was telling the student that there was something really cool to see at the top of this mountain trail. It took three hours to get there. All along the way, the student was excited and having fun, looking forward to seeing this really cool thing. When they got to the top, the student asked, “ok, what’s so cool?”. The teacher looked around and said “This rock is really interesting.” The student was visibly disappointed. The teacher said “but you’ve been excited and happy for the last 3 hours.” The lesson being, of course, to enjoy the getting there.

When you go to a movie… Do you go to “get it done”? Do you sit down in the theater and say “I hope we can get this movie over with quickly!”. No, of course not. We go to the theater to enjoy the plot unfolding, to enjoy the experience of the large screen, expansive sound, (and the good snacks).

As you’re planning your vacation, do you review your itinerary saying “We’re going to go there, there, there, and then back home. Oh wait, we are already home. There’s no reason to go, we have already accomplished the vacation.” Silly, right? The whole point of the vacation is to enjoy the trip, not to get it done.

We would be so much happier if we would just “enjoy the ride” no matter what we’re doing…working, eating, driving…whatever it is.

Enjoy the ride!

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  • Sharron Branco says:

    I love this concept of enjoying the trip while you’re going. Paul’s journey was filled with joy and thanksgiving and he ran a race to win a prize. He knew the destination was the most glorious thing he would ever see and experience.

    Paul was also a man of such strong faith that, even though the trip was frought with trials, hard times, and, even though he was innocent of any crime, he spent time in prison. But he remained positive because of what lie ahead.

    My own journey has been very tough but I have found peace and joy knowing the end of the road is an eternal and glorious life with God and his son Jesus!

    My greatest joy now is when I can give to others. I have a very small income but I’ve found the more I give, I get back more than I ever imagined. It comes back to you so much more, that you are able to give even more.

    A life based on thinking about others before self, is a blessed life indeed.

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