European Tour May 2012

Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining in Europe 2012

Status Report on Executive Development Systems Activities

Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining have just returned this week from an extended tour of speaking and consulting services in Europe for the Institute for Management Studies, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd., and a CEO/CFO Financial Study Group.

The month-long itinerary took us to England, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria and Hungary, including a Danube River Cruise from Budapest, Hungary, to Vienna and Melk, Austria, and Passau, Regensburg, Kelheim and Nuremburg, Germany. We conducted IMS sessions in London and Edinburgh; a Toyota meeting in Staffordshire; and a speaking/counseling cruise with a variety of business executives from the USA and Europe.

Next was a driving tour through Germany, the Black Forest, Stuttgart, and meetings in Baden Baden; and to Strasbourg, France, et al.

Although we’d seen and visited many of these places before, it was enjoyable and exciting to visit old friends and meet new folks. The scenery was extraordinary (what a beautiful time of year!), the hospitality warm, welcoming and friendly; varied cultures, food and drink; vineyards, breweries, cathedrals, palaces, and castles… like walking through a history book! We had lunch in an establishment (Regensburg, Germany) that had been continuously preparing and serving sausages, kraut, and beer, etc., since the early 1300’s!

Just prior to our European departure, we completed one of the greatest 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Courses, ever, at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana. WOW! What a powerful “Family Friendly…High Performance Team” that Defender Direct is developing! Each session just gets better and stronger!

Earlene met with the SLC Council at Defender earlier this week (immediately after our European tour), and reports their continued vibrant growth and leadership in Home Security, Dish Network, and related activities throughout North America.

The Caterpillar team loved the SLC so much, and the Canyon Inn, that they’ve contacted them about additional company leadership meetings there. A variety of participants from Bunch Wholesale Garden Nurseries, Ferguson Enterprises, utility companies, medical groups, and a variety of individual leaders from all around America continue to fill these life-enriching, success-building classes. Because of lodging and class accommodation limits, the classes fill considerably in advance… so if you have an interest in attending one of the two remaining sessions this year (August 7-10 or November 6-9), it would be a good idea to get your reservations made ASAP.

Earlene will be conducting a one-day, “The 21st Century Woman,” session in Vancouver, BC, on Saturday, June 16, for the Global Information Network. She attends a reunion meeting in Louisiana, June 21-24; and Ed will attend a similar session in New Mexico, June 21-24.

Ed will present a one-day program to the IMS group in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 12… and both Ed and Earlene will be doing an extended inside/outdoor workshop for Boise Cascade, et al, at the Lake of the Woods, Totem Lodge, in Ontario, Canada, July 14-20.

Ed’s heart surgery recovery has been phenomenal! On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s operating at about 10.2 these days! On May 21, in fact, the whole month of May and early June, Earlene celebrated her xx birthday… and is cruising at about 10.5!

Our love and best wishes to all. Stay Happy, Healthy and TERRIFIC!

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