For Any Outcome You Want

by Tony Yost

“For any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that will get it for you. You have to find it and be willing to adopt it.”
Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research Institute

There are several things that we can learn from the quote above.

First of all, you CAN get what you want.

If you don’t believe that you can achieve a goal, your chances of success are very small. The first time the going gets a little tough, it will be way too easy to quit and then say, “See, I told you I couldn’t do it.”

Second, you may have to change your way of thinking or acting in order to get it.

Do you think it’s likely that you will achieve great wealth if you also believe that all wealthy people are greedy, no good, thieves?

Do you think it’s likely that you will find a satisfying relationship if you also think that all men/women are only out to take advantage of you?

In short, do you think that you can be a winner while acting like a loser?

If you are not living the life you want, find someone who is, and see how they think and act. If it works for them, there is no reason it shouldn’t work for you, too.

P.S. I don’t mean for this to come off as a sales pitch, but one really good way of finding out how successful people think and act is The Successful Life Course.

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