Getting the Most Out of Your Job

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It can be very easy for someone to start getting restless in their work and no longer be able to draw any fulfillment from their job.  From there it is a short slope to the point where they spend all week looking forward to the weekend and all weekend living in dread of Monday.  This is a difficult place to get trapped when the average person only takes three weeks of vacation a year so the majority of their adult life is spent working at a job they are not enjoying.  Often times people will change jobs or move positions in order to overcome this, only to find that after the initial excitement of something new wears off the cycle repeats itself again.  The answer is not always found in changing employment, often the remedy is in learning new tools and applying them to discover how to enjoy your job.  The tools explained in this article are simple and yet can be very effective to this end.

The first tip is to be careful what you are focusing on.¬† It is simple truth that when you start looking at the things you don’t like, you get locked into negative thinking patterns that cause everything¬†to seem that way and¬†will quickly drag you down.¬† Ask yourself¬†some questions like¬†“what tasks¬†do I like¬†in my job?”¬† “In what way is my job challenging me and expanding my skills?”¬† “What are the future opportunities that I am creating for myself by doing this job well?”¬† “What more can I learn from the people around me or over me?”¬† By starting to focus on the¬†positive tasks or aspects of your job¬†and your¬†workplace, it can help change your attitude, especially when you feel like you are working towards some sort of purpose.¬† A positive attitude is much more likely to bring about positive results which will cause you draw enjoyment from a job well done.

The second tip is to set some goals.  If you are not satisfied in your current job, what is it that you are looking for?  Perhaps you want to be promoted into a management role or to expand into a different department or to work on different projects.  Your current level of dissatisfaction may be an indicator that it is time to start working towards a new vision.  If you set your sights on exactly what it is that you want you can start working on the steps that will take you there which could be training courses, college classes or working with specific people.  The vision for where you want to be next will help keep you motivated in your current role, especially as you understand that it is vital in keeping you on target towards your goal.  Any time you feel like you are going to give in to negativity you must remind yourself of what you are working towards.

As you learn to focus on the aspects of your job you enjoy and set your vision on where your job is taking you, you will find it will start to shift your attitude.  If you start investing your time at work towards your career goals it is no longer just a job you dislike but has regained a sense of purpose which will give you the momentum you need to carry you forward. 


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