Give me a call…

227191_blog“Hey, John. It’s Frank. Give me a call.”

How many times have you received a voicemail message like that one? It communicates no information other than Frank called. Usually the next step is for you to return the call, only to find that Frank is now “on the phone or away from his desk”. So, you leave a message to let Frank know you called him and now it’s his turn. It’s a popular game called “phone tag”. “Popular” may be the wrong term here, as no one really likes it.

Consider, instead, a “virtual conversation”, or a “time-shifted phone call”. It goes like this:

Hey, John. It’s Frank. I am making travel arrangements and I need to find out what time the Orlando meeting is expected to start.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. We know what Frank wants and we can easily respond to it. Even if Frank is not there when we return his call, we can simply leave the information in HIS voicemail. Both of us deal with the phone call on our own schedule and there is no wasted time.

How’s that for GTD?

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