Goals: 5 Reasons for Writing Them Down

mygoalsby Anthony D. Carter

YOU determine what your goals are. Your goals guide your life. It is important that you write those goals down. Here are 5 reasons for writing your goals down:


MIV-Makes It Vivid – Your goals take on a life of their own when you write them down. The written word is more powerful than the thoughts which come and go throughout the day. When you write the goal down it become concrete and real to you. Before you write your goal down it is only an aspiration. It is a wish.


PCR-Provides Constant Reminders – Out of sight, out of mind is the saying that can apply to your goals when you do not write them down. With so many obligations pulling at us in a typical day it is difficult to keep our mind centered on our goals if we don’t see them often enough. In order to hit our goals we must be able to see them and think about them throughout the day so they don’t get lost in among our other responsibilities. Regularly reading your written goals gives you constant reminders during the day. As you keep those goals in front of you impress them upon your mind.


EP-Establish Priorities – Written goals help you prioritize your activities. You especially need this in the beginning. Before the habits have been developed you need to remind yourself of what you are trying to accomplish. Otherwise you will find yourself operating business as usual. I always use written goals to help me establish the order of my priorities for any given day when I first set my goals. Because I have them written down and I am looking at them constantly, the task associated with my goals rise to the top of my list of things to do.


KYF-Keeps Your Focus – When you write your goals down and read them regularly you begin to center your attention on their completion. As your focus on them becomes stronger your goals are kept at the forefront of your thoughts. Every time you read your goals you are giving your subconscious a clearer image of the target.


MIAH-Makes It A Have To Have – When you write your goals down you begin to put importance on them. Your goal moves from being something nice to have to being something that you must have. When your goal is written down and you can read it and think about throughout the day it begins to matter more to you. It becomes something that you think about constantly.

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From Anthony D. Carter – a leading expert on goal setting.

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