Happy New Year! from Ed Foreman

Happy New Year!
Thanks to the professional expertise of my medical specialists, the energy, love, prayers, and support from family and friends, I am truly getting back to “real life” with renewed enthusiasm and improving health and vitality.

Yes, I am attending daily morning cardiac rehabilitation sessions, exercising, reading, writing and enjoying walks along the creek and through the park.

It is fun to look ahead as we fill in the calendar with exciting adventures for 2012. We will continue with our quarterly 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course sessions at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana (March, May, August and November); six full-day programs for our Institute for Management Studies friends in New York City (March), London and Scotland (May), Minneapolis (July), Philadelphia (August), and Detroit (September); Global Information Network (GIN) meetings throughout the USA and exotic locations around the world; Canadian Outback Adventures program at Totem Lodge, Lake of the Woods Ontario; NMSU faculty and student functions; Veteran Speakers Retreat in Pennsylvania; a few corporate annual meeting keynotes, political fund-raisers; fly-fishing in New Brunswick; motorcycle tours up and down the back roads of America… Laughing, Loving ‘n Living life to the fullest!

Count your blessings, be cheerful, kind and considerate.

Recognize that the “Someday” you’ve been planning for is here, now;
so go out and make a lot of worthwhile memories!

Love and best wishes!
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Ed Foreman

3 Responses to Happy New Year! from Ed Foreman

  • Ed,
    thanks so much for the update…….I am grateful that you are healthy, happy, and feeling good now!!!!!!!!!! This is Terrrrrrific news!!!! I am meeting you in the flesh…I am…..much appreciation for who you are in my life, you are giving me priceless nuggets, continue to feel good now, Brenda McElveen (GIN)

  • Bill De Winne says:

    Hello Ed,

    We are still having GOOOOOOOD days down here in Austin Texas 1 day at a time. Glad to hear you are on the mend and holler at me when you are coming near Austin, Houston, or San Anton!

    Big Bill

  • Gail Bartlett says:


    Glad you are doing well. I just ordered your cds for a young friend of ours! Steve still quotes you regularly!

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