Introducing Positive Expectations

by Tony Yost

This is another lesson I learned working for Tom. I was a computer consultant and Tom was a (very successful) business owner. He would call me with computer issues.

When I arrived, if there was someone I didn’t know, Tom would introduce me as a computer EXPERT. He would tell them at some length that I could, without a doubt, fix whatever was wrong, and that their computer issue was as good as solved.

Well… after an introduction like that, how could I let him down? I would do whatever it took to solve the issue as quickly as possible, and make us both look good.

THAT is positive motivation. It cost Tom nothing extra (in fact, it actually saved him money because I charged by the hour). It made a great working relationship. And I would (and still do) recommend Tom when situations present themselves.

You might consider this when you introduce employees…or even when you introduce your family. Consider how the words you use affect your child when you introduce him or her. Do you tell people that they are “winners” or do you tell people “Here is my little trouble-maker”?

How about your spouse? Do you tell people, “Here is the sunshine of my life…” or “Here’s the ol’ ball and chain…”?

Set positive expectations, and most of the time, that’s the way it will work out. You’ll both come out better off.

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