It Is What It Is

You’ve probably heard the saying “It is what it is”. Rather than being just a clich√©, it is actually a powerful tool for success. When you say “It is what it is”, and mean it, you are fully accepting the current situation. You don’t have to like it. You very well may want to change it. But, accepting the situation allows you to skip the anxiety over what is happening.

Often, when faced with a disagreeable situation, people will stay in the mindset of “Why is this happening?” or “It isn’t fair!” or “How could I have been so stupid?”. These thoughts only feed on themselves to produce stress and anxiety. They do nothing to improve the situation.

Accepting the way things are moves you immediately to the next stage where you say “Ok, now what can we do about it?”. You can then come up with solutions calmly and rationally, avoiding the unnecessary stress.

This gets you to a solution much faster and with much less stress. You, your co-workers, and your customers will all be much better off.

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