Laugh, Live & Learn!

August 2013 SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course

August 2013 SLC group

The August SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course was an exciting, fast-moving, better ‘n ever experience!

We initiated many new twists, (1) shorter, abbreviated sessions; (2) more interactive participation with breakout sessions; (3) a sharper detailed instruction on Rx 1, 2, & 3; (4) a fun-filled, out-of-the-classroom exercise hay ride thru McCormick’s Creek State Park ending with a lively story session at the outdoor amphitheater; and (5) improved fresh & tasty buffets with attractive, healthy dining choices.

Participants included a few high school & college students, business leaders and/or spouses from Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and many US states. It was an international blend of dynamic people sharing ideas on happy, healthy, successful daily living!

Our next class will be conducted at the Canyon Inn, McCormick’s Creek State Park, Spencer, Indiana, 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis November 6-7-8, 2013.

August 2013 SLC hayride

New twist! A hay ride through the park

2 Responses to Laugh, Live & Learn!

  • J Clayton says:

    Do you have a class for teens/per teens? What is the youngest participant?

  • Admin says:

    After having young people participate in the limited sessions we used to conduct in Canada, we did away with the special “teenage” classes because we realized that young people actually had a better experience through participating with adults, who were not only most encouraging to the youngsters, but were also great influences and mentors to them. Also, the teenagers were not under the pressure of worrying about appearing “cool” to their peers and, thus, not participating as fully as they do in the more mature group of business people, teachers, doctors, household executives, etc.

    The SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course has helped many young people establish direction in their lives, gain self-confidence, make major life decisions regarding education and career, and to generally set their feet on a path of happiness, health, and prosperity through adulthood.

    Some of our best participants have been kids as young as 12…and we’ve even had some 10-year-olds who have done amazingly well. As a parent, you are the best judge as to whether your younger children (say 12 and under) are mature enough to benefit. Any teenager is probably going to get a bucket-full of benefit.

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