Custom Design Seminar Programs

These informative, productive, meaningful and entertaining programs are especially designed for large meetings, convention groups, and associations to address specific areas of interest.

A typical half-day seminar would include:

1st Session:

  • How to Have a Terrific Day Every Day … specific step-by-step techniques to help individuals develop and maintain a wholesome, positive mental attitude resulting in making every day a good day
  • Controlling life’s situations rather than letting them control you
  • Presentation and distribution of the popular “DAILY MENU” for the Good Life

2nd Session:

  • Development of that “Winning Spirit” through implementation of the Basic Habit Patterns of a Winner
  • How to get along better with others
  • How to improve your self-image and communications abilities
  • How to act, think, look, and be a winner
  • Assertive, positive situation control
  • An enjoyable memory technique for upgrading your performance capabilities

3rd Session:

  • Master Management Techniques to help you get more done in less time
  • How to turn problems into creative challenges that make life into an exciting, winning game!
  • Schedule your time more efficiently and perform more effectively
  • Plan your work and work your plan
  • How to conduct productive, results-oriented staff and sales meetings
A full-day seminar would cover the above subjects plus the following:

4th Session:

  • Mind-Controlled Relaxation — how to turn destructive stress into creative energy
  • How to get rid of worry, anxiety and frustration
  • How to relax and live longer
  • Understanding how the mind works to control your environment and improve your health, wealth, and happiness

5th Session:

  • Leadership Psychology
  • Basic Sales Technique on how to persuasively win others to your way of thinking
  • How to keep the “monkey” (problem) off your back
  • How to upgrade your home life — laugh, love, and learn from the “mad wife” skit
  • Related business leadership techniques

6th Session:

  • Your life purpose
  • How to set, follow through and achieve family and personal, self-improvement, and business goals, not only to accomplish more in life but to enjoy more of life
  • Turning the “worry” habit into a “success” habit
  • How to get what’cha want with what’cha got!

The above outline is only a suggested format and may be altered to fit the specific training needs of the sponsoring organization. Fees are based upon the length of seminar and number of instructors participating.

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