The Improved Living Course

The Improved Living Course is a highlights abbreviated version of the 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course which is divided into two separate four-hour sessions which are conducted one week apart for a maximum of 80 people.

It is a lecture and limited-participation program with follow-through assignments to be implemented by the participants outside the class. It is conducted in facilities provided by the sponsoring organization, either during normal working hours or on the employees’ time with the company providing the financing.

The first four-hour session consists of :

  • how to develop and maintain a wholesome, positive mental attitude and enjoy your job all day every day
  • the “Daily Menu” for successful daily living, presented by Ed Foreman
  • the 12 basic habit patterns of a winner
  • how to think, act, and look like a winner
  • the “nerd” skit, and follow-through assignments by Earlene Vining
  • the leadership psychology session on how to clean up your language, be more persuasive in dealing with others and get others to buy your product or service, including the “monkey on the back” and the “mad wife” skits, et al, by Ed Foreman and Earlene Vining
  • Four follow-through implementation and reading assignments to be done by the participants during the week are discussed.

The second week’s four-hour session consists of:

  • improved communications, expressing yourself more confidently
  • positive daily living implementation
  • an assignment review and discussion on the booklets, “Enthusiasm” and “It Works”
  • eating and exercising your way to vibrant health
  • how to set, follow through and achieve goals
  • how to recognize and overcome worry and replace it with happiness and success
  • an actual personal goal-setting exercise
  • how to recognize and control excessive stress
  • discussion of the conscious/subconscious mind operation, and a mind-controlled relaxation exercise
  • follow-through assignment of reading and listening to motivational, time management, and goal-oriented materials
  • distribution of the 10-hour cassette tape album, “How To Make Every Day A Terrific Day and Your Life a Successful Life,” plus reading materials to each employee

Many of the more progressive companies are finding that a combination of the SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course for their top leadership staff and the abbreviated 8-hour IMPROVED LIVING Course for their other employees gives them a maximum return on their investment.

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