May Successful Life Class, Another Success!!

May 2013 Successful Life Course

Seems unlikely, each class could be stronger, better, and higher-rated than the preceding class…but that’s been the trend! Almost perfect…attendance, participation, and evaluations…the weather was lovely, low of 57 degrees and high of 75 degrees…ideal for our refreshing morning walks and relaxing evenings under the stars!

Defender Direct, Williams Heating & Air Conditioning, Touchstone Merchandise Group, Stop-n-Go Markets, Atlas Van Lines, Bunch Wholesale Nurseries, Wolseley Industrial Group, Volvo Construction Co, Medical Specialists (5 doctors, RN’s, et al), chefs, high school and college students, social services, IT specialists, and others…ages 16 to 79…from throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico attended. Three CEO’s of sizable corporations mixed, mingled, learned, laughed, loved ‘n lived in an atmosphere of physical, mental and emotional growth with folks from a variety of educational and economic backgrounds.

The Rx #3 ritual of fear, jealousy, pain, worry, and anger release was spirit-lifting and life-renewing; as were the exercises on turning dreams into meaningful, achievable goals with realistic time lines.

A dynamic guest of a principal participant joyfully described her appreciation of her personal growth and mental rejuvenation, “I thought when he told me the company was hosting us for 3 days at this beautiful resort at no cost to us…there must be a “catch”; are they gonna’ try to sell us a condominium? Instead, they introduced us to a better, happier, healthier, more productive way of living!”

The August 6-9 class has 10 openings remaining…and November has only 24 vacancies…so if you’ve been planning to re-energize your life…NOW is the time to enroll. Enjoy life now…to the fullest…it has an expiration date!

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  • Patrick Prochazka says:

    Was an awsome class life is terrific and my professional and personal life is great and I also be reasons and doing Rx1 everyday life is wonder full again Ty for this fantastic class

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