How to Make Every Day A Terrific Day!
and Your Life A Successful Life!

Audio Program

How to Make Every Day A Terrific Day! and Your Life A Successful Life!
Would you like to have each day start great, and then get better?

Want more energy and enthusiasm?

A life that’s more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling?

Less worry and more happiness… less hassle and more balanced?

Then you’ll want to know the secrets that have helped thousands of people learn to have a good day every day and make their lives more successful.

Here’s What You Get

When you purchase the “How To Make Every Day A Terrific Day! and Your Life A Successful Life!” audio program you’ll get…twenty-four (24) energizing sessions on 12 CDs recorded in “real-life” programs conducted with leaders from throughout the world. These are NOT boring “studio” produced recordings.

  • MODULE 1: Laughing, Loving, & Living Your Way to the Good Life
  • MODULE 2: The Daily Menu for Making Every Day a Terrific Day
  • MODULE 3: How to Think, Act & Believe Your Way into Success Creating Habits
  • MODULE 4: Establishing the Self Image of Positive Performance
  • MODULE 5: Understanding the Mind Conscious / Subconscious Relationships
  • MODULE 6: How to Turn Worry & Stress Into Happiness & Success
  • MODULE 7: Gaining Confidence To Overcome Fear In Public Speaking
  • MODULE 8: Interview By CBS News 60 Minutes and Other Growth Opportunities
  • MODULE 9: Communicating For Success – Personality Profiles
  • MODULE 10: How To Set, Follow Through And Achieve Your Goals
  • MODULE 11: Eating & Drinking Your Way to Improved Health
  • MODULE 12: Fun & Easy Exercises for Building a Strong, Vibrant Body
  • MODULE 13: The Prescriptions For Successful Daily Living
  • MODULE 14: Rx1 – Rx2 – Rx3 Applied To Your Life
  • MODULE 15: Leadership Techniques (Monkey Management) For Business & Family Harmony
  • MODULE 16: Smoothly Handling Difficult Situations On The Job & At Home
  • MODULE 17: Experiencing the Good Life Today
  • MODULE 18: The Happy, Healthy, Terrific Life Becomes Contagious
  • MODULE 19: The Art Of Increased Productivity Through Organized Time Management
  • MODULE 20: Positive Performance Office Techniques – Successful Staff & Sales Meetings
  • MODULE 21: Thinking, Acting And Looking Like A Winner
  • MODULE 22: Improving Your Memory – Upgrading Your Relationships
  • MODULE 23: How The Learning Process Works – Upgrading Your Environment With Your Mind
  • MODULE 24: Mind Controlled Relaxation And Programming Success

This powerful 24-session, 13-1/2 hour, 12-CD album brings you the highlights, recorded live, from the popular 3-day SUCCESSFUL LIFE Course. You’ll find yourself mentally “in class” enjoying the enthusiasm of the moment. Laugh, love, live and participate as though you were actually in class…not as an evaluating critic…but as the growing, intelligent being that you are…listening, learning and applying.

Featured positively on CBS News’ 60 Minutes and endorsed by Fortune 500 leaders throughout the world, it will bring new vitality, zest, and meaning to your life.

This personal development program is designed to help people from all walks of life recognize, attain, and enjoy:

  • improved personal living
  • a more positive attitude
  • more vibrant physical, mental, and emotional health
  • improved self-esteem and direction
  • mind-control relaxation
  • improved relationships
  • achievable personal, family and business goals
  • improved productivity and overall successful daily living
  • achievement of confidence in public speaking

It is a unique, comprehensive habit improvement program that will mentally, physically, and emotionally improve your sphere of influence as you implement it. The program teaches specific techniques for making this an automatic part of your subconscious mind. It will help you eliminate self-defeating behavior and improve your self-confidence through positive, success-generating habits, putting you on the road to greater achievement and a more rewarding life.

In addition to the CDs, you’ll receive colorful “Life Is Terrific” buttons and bumper stickers (two of each) and a large, sturdy “Life Is Terrific” tote bag.

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