Vibrant Health

Audio Program

Vibrant Health
Vibrant Health is an informative, live recording from the famous 3-day Successful Life Course. This is a positive, constructive presentation on how to eat, drink, and exercise your way to vitality and longevity without boring, yo-yo diets or strenuous exercises. It is simple, fun and exciting. You’ll not only begin to look better, you’ll sincerely feel more alive, alert and enthusiastic. By simply altering our lifestyles we can not only live longer, we can live more vibrantly, abundantly and energy-filled! Many doctors say that this is one of the most understandable health sessions they’ve ever experienced.

Also included is a health programming tape through Mind Controlled Relaxation to help you experience physical and mental relaxation, let go of stress, anxiety, frustration and enjoy peaceful rejuvenation of your mind and body. This tape will make good health techniques a part of your automatic daily performance patterns.

Please choose a format: 2 CDs $29.952 Downloadable MP3s $25.95

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