“Meeting in a Box”
Leadership Training Package


The Whole Works Package

This package includes:

Make Every Day A Terrific Day 65-minute keynote video program. This dynamic keynote address on successful daily living is truly a classic. Join 500 enthusiastic corporate leaders as they learn how to laugh, love and live their way to the GOOOD Life! This is a “must see” video for anyone interested in improving teamwork and bottom-line results within their store or organization. This is a challenging time for many in America…and Ed Foreman shows you the way to overcome today’s challenges and become victorious in the arena of life. “Total Quality Management” is the result of “Total Quality People” living a “Total Quality Lifestyle!” The enthusiasm is contagious and is guaranteed to positively influence the lives of everyone who sees it. It is recommended for viewing by all team members and required viewing for all new hires.


How Do You Face The Day? 2-program audio album on developing a positive mental attitude and how to make every day a terrific day…plus a very special Self Talk recording programming improved performance and successful total quality living…2 power-packed sessions!


100 DAILY MENUS, The popular, illustrated step-by-step, printed program to help your team members develop and maintain a wholesome, positive mental attitude…controlling your response to life’s challenging situations rather than letting them control you…confident, positive interaction techniques to help you think, feel and perform at your optimum level…thereby making every day a successful day…a time-tested, results-proven formula for total quality living and turning “GOOOD” days into a “GOOOD” LIFE!


100 “Terrific” bright blue “happy face” buttons for each associate to wear daily as a reminder to themselves, their colleagues and customers of the importance of a positive countenance, attitude and response to everyone they meet.


100 Self Evaluation Review… a questionnaire for each associate to evaluate themselves on knowledge retention, understanding, utilization and implementation of this positive performance program.

A $260 value. You save $65.00!

Price: $195.00

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