How to Make Every Day A Terrific Day!
and Your Life A Successful Life!


Audio Program

How to Make Every Day A Terrific Day! and Your Life A Successful Life! SPECIAL STUDENT EDITION

Success… What is it? Where can it be found? How can one obtain it? Do you have to wait until you’re 40 or 60 years of age to get it? Or can you enjoy it at 16?

The stimulating answers to these questions, and more, are waiting to be found here in this exciting audio program.

Put Ed’s ideas to work for you, and you, too, can become a success no matter what your age.

What better person than Ed Foreman to speak to youth about success? His is the classic success story. Born the son of a New Mexico farmer, he was a self-made millionaire by the time he reached his 26th birthday. At age 28 he had conducted a successful political campaign and was elected to the United States Congress. In fact, he’s the only man in this century to have been elected to congress from two different states. Obviously, Ed did not let youth stop him from being successful. He has continued his success in many other businesses including oil and gas, transportation, and real estate. Today he enjoys a lifestyle that allows him to travel all over the world teaching others the basic principles of his success.

Here’s What You Get

Sixteen (16) energizing sessions on 9 CDs recorded in our “real-life” TERRIFIC TEENS Successful Life Course programs for young adults.

  • MODULE 1: Life Is For Laughing, Loving & Living
  • MODULE 2: Daily Menu for the Goood Life
  • MODULE 3: Imagination VS Will Power – Happiness VS Worry
  • MODULE 4: If You Know What You Want, You Can Have It
  • MODULE 5: The Art Of Increased Productivity And Feeling Goood
  • MODULE 6: Problems Become Opportunities – Successful Staff & Sales Meetings
  • MODULE 7: Enjoyable Eating & Drinking Habits For Improved Health
  • MODULE 8: Fun & Easy Exercises To Build A Strong, Vibrant Body
  • MODULE 9: Liking You – Loving Life Creates Accomplishment
  • MODULE 10: Habit Patterns Of A Winner
  • MODULE 11: Developing Leadership – Monkey On Who’s Back?
  • MODULE 12: How To Encourage & Inspire Cooperation & Support
  • MODULE 13: Good Communication Habits Develop A Successful Life
  • MODULE 14: Building A Positive Image Thru Assertive Communication
  • MODULE 15: How The Mind Works To Shape Your Environment
  • MODULE 16: Mind Controlled Relaxation And Programming Success

In addition to the CDs, you’ll receive colorful “Life Is Terrific” buttons and bumper stickers (two of each) and a large, sturdy “Life Is Terrific” tote bag.

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